July 05, 2004

If you care

If graduation ceremony matters at all to you who are LU students, please take the short survey.

Maybe it'll do some good. Remember to leave specific comments and suggestions.

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February 01, 2004

silly people

from my planning and assessment textbook:

"It is usually wise to offer some less desirable rewards for a few tokens and most desirable rewards for a larger number of tokens....With older students you might offer being excused from a homework assignment for a few tokens and being allowed to listen to music in class for several tokens."

umm, pardon me...but wouldn't being excused from a homework assignment be more desirable for more students?

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January 23, 2004


I'm going to get this done as quickly as possible so forgive any errors.

It's going to be a really long day tomorrow. I'm being required to go to an education reading conference. The first of many for the rest of my life I'm sure although probably not all on reading. 830-230. yeah, 830 in the morning. Brrrr.....Groan. After that I have Stats at 235 and History of Math from 340 to 5
Long, long day. If I have to, I'll skip out of the conference after lunch.

Doctrines made my head hurt today. Woodring ended class with sort of the food for thought--although we were already stuffed--in which we could wonder how the duality of Christ--being fully God and fully man--affected His relationship in the Trinity. It's not enough to deal with the "contradictions" His affords between being fully God and yet have fully life of a human on earth--dying and not omnipresent and such. No, we had to hear that no one can figure out how to even conceptualize the relationship of all this to the Trinity. He also reinforced today that many things are defined by what they are not.

I also learned that the author of my History of Math book would have made a good subject of study for Historiography. This guy is biased towards the Babylonians over Egyptians. I also discovered again how nicely the ovens in the apartments bake! There are yummy triple chocolate cookies cooked to my own standard of perfection FOR Bible Study tomorrow night.

That's all. Goodnight. I'll probably post more on my own strange social life this weekend.

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January 17, 2004

One Week Down

Well, one week of school down. Regarding classes:

History of Math is going to be great. Interesting & Fun!
Planning & Assessment is going to be boring and nerve-wracking.
Senior Seminar will be...interesting.
Cults could be interesting classwise, material for sure.
Statistics will be boring to sit through most of the time and hard to stay awake.
Doctrines II will be fabulous as Doctrines I was.

I have at least 6 major papers to write and 2 presentations to give.

However, grading will be considerably less and Common Grounds should be less work.

It'll still be a busy semester not even considering my life outside of school...

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January 13, 2004

First Day

Two classes down. Far too many to go. Four papers so far to write in the future. Much reading to do. The realization that not a single one of days is like any of the others for a class schedule. Close, but different all of them.

Mondays: I begin with Sadistics at 930. Than it's off to chapel and than the trek to Planning and Assessment for Grades 8-12. I get a nice lunch and nap break before History of Math at 340.

Fridays are just alike except the nap gets shortened due to an Honors Seminar class for Senior Stuff. I'm not really sure what it's going to be like yet.

Wednesdays are best because after Lunch, I'm free!

Tuesdays I don't have to be up until 11 which is a chaplain meeting. Doctrines II is at 130 and than it's nap and dinner time until Cults from 6 to 9. I really am not a huge fan of classes that go over two hours, but it'll be fairly interesting methinks.

Thursdays I think I am working from 915 until noon. Doctrines at 130. Out of Class and free again. Blend in Homework and grading, and of course time with friends and boyfriend, and you have my life. Well, This is still the simplified version.

Doctrines will be interesting on more than the content level. You see, Jenny, Lisl, Kelly, and Amanda are all taking it also. If you know them at all and me....with discussion of some confusing and things of disagreement among great Christian minds, class won't be boring.

Cults I think will be okay. I"m glad we got the it changed from a 2k level to a 3k because trust me, it's going to be as challenging as other 3000 Bible classes I've taken. I would also assess that It's just as much a good Bible elective too from looking at the syllabus and seeing how the class looks to progress. It's actually more work than Doctrines is. Or so it looks.

Well, that's all for today. Ice cream is good. Boyfriend and his love and forgiveness are even better.


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