January 23, 2004


I'm going to get this done as quickly as possible so forgive any errors.

It's going to be a really long day tomorrow. I'm being required to go to an education reading conference. The first of many for the rest of my life I'm sure although probably not all on reading. 830-230. yeah, 830 in the morning. Brrrr.....Groan. After that I have Stats at 235 and History of Math from 340 to 5
Long, long day. If I have to, I'll skip out of the conference after lunch.

Doctrines made my head hurt today. Woodring ended class with sort of the food for thought--although we were already stuffed--in which we could wonder how the duality of Christ--being fully God and fully man--affected His relationship in the Trinity. It's not enough to deal with the "contradictions" His affords between being fully God and yet have fully life of a human on earth--dying and not omnipresent and such. No, we had to hear that no one can figure out how to even conceptualize the relationship of all this to the Trinity. He also reinforced today that many things are defined by what they are not.

I also learned that the author of my History of Math book would have made a good subject of study for Historiography. This guy is biased towards the Babylonians over Egyptians. I also discovered again how nicely the ovens in the apartments bake! There are yummy triple chocolate cookies cooked to my own standard of perfection FOR Bible Study tomorrow night.

That's all. Goodnight. I'll probably post more on my own strange social life this weekend.

Posted by Anna at January 23, 2004 12:51 AM