January 21, 2004

God & Time

Yesterday in Doctrines we were discussing the deity of Christ. One particular hard bit to understand is how Jesus could not know something (the hour and day , Mark 13:32 i think) and yet still be fully God and thus omniscient? and somewhere in my interesting mind I began to formulate an idea...God is not bound by time or anything. He can step in and out; he's omnipresent--everywhere here on Earth and everywhere in Heaven. If Christ is fully God as we believe he is, could it be possible that his person was "connected" between Heaven and Earth and through all time even as walked upon the Earth? maybe what makes the Christ we know on earth fully God is also to consider the Christ in Heaven before and after his earthly time. Fully Christ is more than just Christ upon the Earth and the cross. It would make a circle in a way if I'm understanding my own mind right--what makes Christ fully God while also being fully man is this "internatural" connection; making Christ fully Christ who is fully God and fully man. Would this require one to belive that Christ on earth, separate from his heavenly being, was not fully God, or gave up some part of his God-self? (and one at this point is ready to give up trying to understand with the finite human mind, like being blind and trying to understand "purple"--to steal an analgoy Woodring gave us) This is a bit hard to explain, so bear with me. God is not bound by time.

Of course, understanding Jesus is fully God requires the recognition of the distinction of roles and functions of each member of the Trinity. That is how Woodring tried to explain to us how Christ did not the hour of his second coming although God the Father does--it's God the Father's role to determine that. At any rate. I'm going to do something else now.

I was continuing these thoughts today during another class...and was reflecting on how God's eternality and omnipresence could be also thought of as God working in every second of Earth's existence in all lives and everything all at the same time...what would be the same time to us anyways. For example at the same moment I type this and God is causing the wind to blow and sun to shine, God could also be causing rain and night many years down the line or listening to the prayer of someone from a hundred years ago--all in the same moment that I am typing. Sort of infinite multi-tasking across time. I guess part of these thoughts come from a remembrance of a section in Charles Williams' Descent into Hell where Pauline take the burden of an ancestor who was burned at the stake a century or two earlier. We think of time as a line. God could see time as a dot.

Posted by Anna at January 21, 2004 02:02 PM