June 19, 2010

The last two months...

The last month has been loads of fun with the baby. On Mother's Day, she granted me a full night's sleep. and in the last week, is now consistently sleeping through the night (9 or 10 to 6 or 7). We have fun play time...her favorite entertainment is to watch us...who needs toys when there is a face to watch! and she's finally willing to do a little bit of tummy time every day and lift her head up. Not to mention it's easier to prop her in my lap now while I eat or do stuff on the computer.

The antacid medicine, once I figured out how to best give it to her, has helped a lot. She doesn't scream as long in the evening and she's more consolable. Especially once I figured out she is apparently sensitive to dairy in my diet. :( No lattes or ice cream for me for awhile.--although she doesn't seem to have too much issue with cheese. (I need to try soy out to see if that's problematic also...I may also have to give up caffeine again. For as little as I have each day, it's hard to tell--plus I only figured out the dairy issue this week so I have to give her a couple of days for that to work out of her system.)

I laughed every time someone mentioned how tiny she looked, until I saw a couple of new little ones at Mommy & me and realized how tiny they looked to me compared to my 25", almost 13# baby!

I also have come to realize, that like women's clothing sizes, baby clothing sizes vary brand to brand--even when you go by the weight/length approximations. Also, plastic tags are even more annoying on baby toys, washcloths, and clothes. How many are needed to attach things together! Geez!

I've also decided in the last month to not search/apply for any full-time teaching jobs next year. I love our days together. God will provide for us through the occasional freelance work and the part-time tutoring.

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Food for thought.

So I was thinking during one of my tutoring sessions a few weeks ago about how it is recommended to read every day with your child at least 20 minutes and surround the child with books. It made me wonder if there's any advice out there about helping your child to understand/love math by involving your child in real-life math from an early age--crafts, shopping, cooking, games, simple problem solving... Right now, I like to count Grace's sneezes.

How many of you more "pro-math" (those who enjoy math/took Calculus in college) people out there remember doing math as a little kid? I learned out to play Rummi-Kub with my dad and grandpas at the age of 5 I think. I learned about doubling recipes to make cookies or cupcakes and cut coupons for my mother, also going shopping with her to point out to her what coupons could be used.

For my more.... anti-math (those who were glad to only have one math course in college)...friends, what do your remember about your childhood and working with numbers?

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Electric pump. So so worth the extra cost (even if it's just a single electric..., I love my Medela....) Also, having the insurance company pay for 90% of the cost because the pump was a Rx.

Lots and lots of burp rags.

Baby bathtub. Especially for the wriggly baby.

Small lightweight cotton receiving blanks for bathing baby in. (Swaddle bathing for the win!...although we don't swaddle bathe since Grace prefers to kick the water around)

Gas drops. (store brand versions work just fine)

Forehead thermometer. I found a neat one at Wal-Mart for $10 "Temporal artery"

Swing. So I can eat and take showers.

2.7 oz bottles.

Nursing tank/cami and V-neck shirts made of stretch material.

Nursing cover. Because baby likes to kick just a blanket off... Plus, the cover is great to wear over her when she's in the harness and we're out in the sun.

Swaddle-Me. The First-years swaddler does not work as well on our long-legged kicky baby. But the Swaddle-Me version is great because she can kick within a limited boundary and still keep her legs warm.

Boppy pillow. So many uses!

What to Expect the First Year book. Very nicely balanced book with tons of useful information.

Mobile with music. I'm wishing I had invested in the one that makes light patterns now...but Grace turns her head to look at the shadows the one we have makes on the wall. At least, I think that's what she does...

Harness. Great for large-quantity shopping since the car seat doesn't fit on most shopping carts well and putting it in the cart doesn't leave a lot of room for groceries.

Support groups: Mommy & me and breastfeeding. Lactation consultants are full of wonderful information and the groups give good practice for getting out with baby. Also, make new friends!

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