June 19, 2010

Food for thought.

So I was thinking during one of my tutoring sessions a few weeks ago about how it is recommended to read every day with your child at least 20 minutes and surround the child with books. It made me wonder if there's any advice out there about helping your child to understand/love math by involving your child in real-life math from an early age--crafts, shopping, cooking, games, simple problem solving... Right now, I like to count Grace's sneezes.

How many of you more "pro-math" (those who enjoy math/took Calculus in college) people out there remember doing math as a little kid? I learned out to play Rummi-Kub with my dad and grandpas at the age of 5 I think. I learned about doubling recipes to make cookies or cupcakes and cut coupons for my mother, also going shopping with her to point out to her what coupons could be used.

For my more.... anti-math (those who were glad to only have one math course in college)...friends, what do your remember about your childhood and working with numbers?

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