June 29, 2004

Feed my Fish Please!

How to make a Anna Banana
1 part jealousy
5 parts self-sufficiency
3 parts instinct
Layer ingredientes in a shot glass. Serve with a slice of lovability and a pinch of salt. Yum!


Personality cocktail
From Go-Quiz.com
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Hallllloooooo Out There

Figured I'd post at least once this week.

The tickets are now officially ordered, so we have lots of fun to look forward to in a few weeks.

Things are going rather well here--even with having all the siblings in the same area and such. Course--it hasn't been a full week yet either. We're all in general getting along well and my nephew--knock on wood--is behaving fairly well for 18 months old. He's so smart too, and he seems to be taken with everyone--including the Cynic. :-)

I'll try to get something up later on that describes more how things are going, but because this is dial-up on the business line and I have to get my email cleaned up....


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June 26, 2004

Shakespeare Confirmation

Here's the deal.

We're going to see

Merchant of Venice on Saturday July 24
The Tempest on Friday July 23.


I am buying tickets Monday. I'll expect to be paid before we go to the plays--it times nicely with my credit card bill. and I'll accept either cash or check.

and now, I get ready for bed because we're off to Colorado tomorrow----err, later today.

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June 24, 2004

Menial Work Ponderings

As I label and stuff envelopes, create receipts, file away copies of statements and receipts, I never fail to be amazed...rather, subdued...hmm, still not the right word. Anyways, what I begin to think is about all the file folders and paperwork various places in the world with my name, or some particular I.D. number. It's crazy....just at LU--one would have a folder in FinAid, Student Affairs, advisor, Academic Affairs (if you're special enough), Student Accounts, Registrar's office, Student services--medical, and probably somewhere else that I can't think of. A lot of stuff is recorded on the computer now--but it is always safe for a little while to have things backed up in a folder with hard copies. They have to use up a lot of trees on us. And than I think of all the folders around the country--banks, schools and scholarship companies, credit card companies, hospitals and doctors' offices, ...

Oh yeah, the IRS and those special government people. I don't really want to know how much they know about me.

Lots and lots of information. Lots and lots of paper.

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June 23, 2004

another DQ horoscope!

Subject: Free Ice Cream
From: "Dairy Queen" <9189@7318.imoreads.com> Add to Address Book
To: yourfriendanna@yahoo.com
Date: Wed, 23 Jun 2004 13:53:54

Today is your day. You will probably find someone you are totally compatible with on all levels. Yesterday you were thinking about what could be -- now you focus on what is. Today is your day. You will probably find someone you are totally compatible with on all levels. Something is probably going on behind your back.

You wonder why others make such elaborate plans when life can be this easy. Unfortunately You are more articulate now than ever before. Consult an expert for help.

Be careful -- someone will be trying to sabotage you Expect to either impress someone or to be very impressed by someone. You will have some big ideas Be careful -- someone will be trying to sabotage you

Consult an expert for help. Stay on top of your game. Be careful and plan for the worst. Today is your day. You will probably find someone you are totally compatible with on all levels. The more creatively you launch yourself Something is probably going on behind your back.

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Stuck in my head

"Ding Dong the Witch is Dead" is stuck in my head after watching the AFI top 100 Movies songs last night.


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June 22, 2004

One last poll...

For going to see Shakespeare: Here are the options. Vote. I mean it. all of you who can and want to come. $20 a ticket.

Merchant of Venice:
Wednesday, July 21 or Saturday, July 24 both at 730 pm

The Tempest
Friday, July 23 or Sunday, July 25, both at 730

The latter days are final shows--meaning seating could be further back already. Leave a comment--Wheeler, Scholl, Ardith--you are all required to leave your opinion on the matter and it can't be "I don't care." :-p Gallagher and others who might be around....we want to hear from you. I buy tickets within two days.

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June 21, 2004

Quote quote!

Wheeler: "but I wanted to say "sex""

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June 20, 2004

Musical Musings

I'm listing to the new Avril c.d. again and one of the song particularly makes me think and I wanted to describe an unusual part of me when it comes to music. I don't think I've ever told anyone I do this. But for the sake of my going to bed soon like a good girl, I'll quit rambling...

Maybe it's from taking a year of dance in high school (when it comes to physical movement, "graceful" doesn't describe me), but, there are many songs that cause me to. . .choreograph an expression of the song in dance in my head. For example, with "Nobody's Home" on this c.d. I'm listening to, I can picture in my head a girl and a few others dancing...It's fairly dark and the main girl is frantic. It kind of ends with that once I started musing on this part of me that does this with songs. But, I have it set to play again in a little bit.

I mostly do this with slower songs...although there are more upbeat ones that I could see myself using for exercise or for cleaning. I also tend to choreograph the more emotional songs--I think the right word would be evocative. The songs are usually deeper, and sad. I don't always relate personally to the theme, but many times I do. But yes, I guess this would tell people that I am/have become a more physically expressive person. It's a pity I'm not more graceful in my movements--but it isn't my gift by any means. I'll leave that to Becca Ward, actually I think it's Becca Inwards now, and her crew--Nicole Thrift, Aaron Brown and those who have done an excellent job at Hootenanny the last two years.

Actually, thinking back a bit, I've done this a lot. I like to imagine story songs in my head and am disappointed many times when I get a chance to see the actual video for the song.

So those are my musings for now. I'm going to listen to the song of inspiration once more and go to bed. God bless all!

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A Reflection

Wheeler's post brought be back into reality....how scary it is that I forgot I watched that last night too. But now, I read his post and I reflect on the movies I've watched in the last 30 hours and just the contrast.

The documentary Wheeler mentioned---I am mostly without words. Wondering how people can deny that the Holocaust ever happened. I was struck more on the level of how much we still don't mention as a part of that...I mean, you can't really don't want to shock kids that much with the horribleness...but, I don't know. I also wondered about the photographers....how anyone could take pictures I don't know. I don't feel right putting a "grade" to this one like I will with the others. It gets top honors for it's 'objective' parts.

We than watched a great comedy--Harvey. That's a great movie. Completely clean as far as I remember. Entertaining as all get out. It even provides food for thought about how we think about imagination, supernatural stuff, and crazy people. Harvey gets an A.

This afternoon I watched Along Came Polly. Guh. I give it a D out of graciousness for the funny ferrett and the father's only speaking scene in the movie...ya know, those words that change the character and cause all to see the light. The movie was supposed to be stupid and funny and it fits that bill. But the stupidity overwhelms the humor. Especially now as I reflect on other funny movies such as Harvey. I generally don't respond well to movies that center a lot on humor in bad taste. I give Along Came Polly a D.

Tonight, out with my most wonderful boyfriend, we watched The Terminal. It wasn't as good as I would have liked, but it was funny. Tom Hanks did an excellent job. but the movie . . .the story just didn't provide a whole lot. It's harder for me to put words to it really. I'm trying to put my finger on the different between good movies and B movies. I'd give Terminal a B+.

Wheeler really put out a good post on the documentary though so I redirect you there if you haven't seen it already. For now, I should get ready for bed as the new Avril Lavigne c.d. finishes up. It's also good.

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June 19, 2004

spam post-it

this if from a spam email from "Dairy Queen" regarding "Free Ice Cream":

Creativity is not just a process of invention. It can also be a mode of relaxation. Your creativity is endless. Later on you can decide whether this is the beginning of a permanent change. You will attract a potential partner. Play your cards right.

Take steps to discard the old and embrace the new. Play it safe when you deal with business or personal partnerships. Go with your instincts. Communication will return to normal soon enough. Your support and suggestions will lead to respect from others.

Avoid opposition for a little while. Watch for the right opportunity. The more creatively you launch yourself You wonder why others make such elaborate plans when life can be this easy.

Bring your unique ideas out in the open today. Take care of business. Let everything else happen on its own. Congratulations: You just talked yourself into a bigger slice of the pie. A bit of drama is kind of fun -- sometimes. Be careful -- someone will be trying to sabotage you

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Simple Post-It

The italics stay for now.

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Recommendation Post-It

I'm listening to the most recent Third Day C.d. "Wire." I highly recommend it. It has a little bit of a different style to it. less rock so far...i keep hearing bits of orchestra. At any rate, I highly recommend finding a copy.

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June 18, 2004

Invisible Post-It

*edit to make uninvisible*

This is was an invisible post. I will post tomorrow when I'm not so sleepy. It is tomorrow and I will post more later. yay, we have a new thermostat we have to get a new toilet because our's leaks. at least they're fixing it. I'm tired of being sick.

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June 17, 2004

Make a Post-it

So, is my post-it theme working? It's time for you to leave your own post-it in my comment box.

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June 16, 2004

Thoughtful Post-It

This is a short post-it because I'm at work stuffing envelopes. Because I'm stuffing envelopes, I have a lot of time to reflect and I was reflecting upon a discussion had last night regarding Harry Potter and why Rowling keeps having him not go to Dumbledore when something doesn't seem right. For example, we were watching the second movie and it makes perfect sense for Harry to tell Dumbledore about hearing the voice in the walls, but he doesn't.

I think I may actually have an understanding of that piece of his character because I was thinking about myself....anyways, I should look too unproductive sitting here typing...

--reflecting on self not telling parents something when i probably should have

So more on that. I'm fiercely independent as most of you know and that might be one reason I keep things to myself. Over the years, I've kept a lot of things back because I didn't want to add extra worries to my parents' burdens, or because I wanted to work things through on my own. Other things I told my friends before my parents. I didn't want to take so called trivial matters to my parents, that and I've never had that close of a relationship with them. It was also a matter of not wanting to reveal my true self to my parents--not wanting to mar a good reputation I had with them (for selfish reasons and such), and not wanting them to take steps to try and fix my problems in ways that I wouldn't be agreeable too--such as taking me to a shrink or something.

--spiritual element--we don't tell God when we could. As I stuffed envelopes further, I realized how often we do this with God--particularly me. Sadly, it isn't my first inclincation to pray about something troubling although I'm getting better at it slowly. It makes perfect sense to tell the Man Upstairs about our problems, because he is great at fixing things and He even knows what is really going on. He has an understanding that we do not. Yet we still try to work things without his help.

Anyways, that's just a general idea that struck me after thinking about why Harry didn't go to Dumbledore. I wouldn't say that Rowling thought the same things, but it makes more sense to me now even.

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June 15, 2004

Bookmark Post-It

So I don't know if I've mentioned that my current reading project is Anna Karenina , a book I picked up at spring break by Tolstoy. It's long and there are these pesky friends wanting to watch movies and the pesky people who want me at work--not reading a book.

I'm about halfway through the book and I love it. It's well-written. It has a great plot, great character development. It's kept me reading and it makes me think and get a new persepective on the political, social system of Russia back before there was no Tsar. The contrast between the characters is excellent and I think Tolstoy is making his point clear. Course, it's easier to say that now many years later...

Not that I don't like playing Anti-Monopoly or watching movies, or even going to work though :-) I just like reading too and I hate having an unfinished book. Alas...

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June 14, 2004

Foil Post-It?

Check this out.

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June 13, 2004


I guess that's what I could do during the week...put up some form of Post-It type Posts. At any rate.

Things continue to go mostly well. I read the Ultimate Geek Fiction book this week, or rather, set of books within a book: The Ultimate Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, loaned gleefully to me by the beautiful and spectacular Ardith. I finished it last night a little before 3 a.m. and was very surprised in a lot of different ways. I enjoyed myself immensely. and kept getting inspired for geeky things, like a graduation mortarboard cap: tin foil displaying the message "Goodbye and Thanks for all the ....[fill in the blank]" For example, we could thank them for the debt. My roommates can testify to all the times I've been reading along and than had to laugh out loud. I don't usually actually literally laugh out loud when reading unless it's stupendously funny. and I loved imagining what a mathematical representation of a napkin would look like.

Hmm. Knock on wood, I've actually gotten myself fairly caught up as is possible in the business office with filing. Not that there is ever an end of things to do because there is always something. and Work in Academic Affairs continues to be quite enjoyable. My only complaints are made through an aching back, sometimes from filing, sometimes from working at a short desk for a taller chair and rather sore feet from not always being able to get away with good tennis shoes with nicer clothes. Although if I wear the slacks I can get away with it. Especially since they send me on errands around campus and dress shoes just don't work for walking around in.

My taste buds are immensely enjoying themselves as we continue to take turns cooking along. The taste of fresh, sweet, and juicy fruit....veggies...meat...pasta cooked right, bread just right.....fresh iced tea....ahhhhhhh. It is good. and not to have to eat in Saga. with Saga tableware.

I'm thinking about adding another book to my intellectual book buys from CBD if I can find a good one. I'd be very interested to see if there are any...err, "character" studies done on the people of the Bible--like the disciples and OT people. I've seen stuff about women in the BIble, but I'm looking for something on a bit more general level--comparison type, as a guide in thinking about how the Bible reflects God working through very different people in different ways--like Paul & Peter. I've heard sermons and such on it before, but it would be nice to have something I could sit down and read. So I'm going to hunt a bit after finishing this post.

The weather here is East Texas fabulous. I actually enjoy it. Rain has kept things cooler most days and I love the warm sun when the clouds choose not to be there. and it's so nice to be free from the pressures of schoolwork!

And, while our little crew here seems to be having lots of fun, it'd be nice to have everyone around again sooner...before we are all being pounded by our textbooks into the ground again. We shall see though. We shall see.

At any rate, I should really wrap things up...time seems to go by faster on nights before I have to be up for work in the morning.

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June 09, 2004

via Dunny

on this quiz, i got 149/200, not too bad for a numbers gal

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June 06, 2004

at least I'm me

You're Anna!

Which Member of the Shadow Council Are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

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Another reflection

I skimmed my journal that I found the other night. I only skimmed the section from my freshman year of college. It tells an interesting story and to compare my life then with my life now, I can see the growth. That's a benefit of journaling. It was rather strange because I wonder why I don't journal as much (apart from blogging) now. I think it's because I didn't need it quite so much after I finished. I started my journal in loneliness, as a way to connect to "someone" and pour out my heart. than God blessed my life with dear dear friends, and I had real people to pour out my heart too. While I still record more personal thoughts elsewhere, usually during the harder times, I don't need to as more. Really, I've only ever journaled when I was struggling and to say that I haven't journaled somewhere where only my eyes read says that I've grown and that I guess I deal with trials differently now. I can't really say that life is any easier. It isn't. Goodness knows I've dealt with quite a few other hard things. but, I have friends who watch and sit through the storms with me now because God is gracious.

I don't know.

Songs of the moment: Barlow Girl, "Surrender" and Stephen Curtis Chapman, "Bring it On"

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Weekends are for posting

So Kelly and Jonathan are married! Mucho congratulations and God bless.

While they had a happy and fun wedding, this post might be a little bit more on the personal and not as cheery side because I'm lazy and don't feel like posting separate trains of thought in separate posts.

The wedding and reception were beautiful. But I was again reminded of the way our lives turn out. Choices that we make, regrets and sadness and how Life changes. For me, this usually comes as I reflect upon the friendships I've made and lost. While I am sad that there are a few good people out there who I'm not as close friends with as I would have liked to be, God keeps reminding me of the friends around me--many whom I never would have expected to be so close to. Once upon a time I tried to have lots of different groups of friends. In the end, it really didn't work out. Now I have an awesome group of people around me and I'm blessed to know as many other people as I do.

It's been interesting to to read a blog or something here and there and read about other people struggling spiritually or with something, asking for prayer. and God introduces things to me, such as a song or someone's words to remind me that He is still there. For example, Lily had an online Christian Rock station playing on my computer when I got out of the shower. Shortly before we left for the wedding, a song came on by a group I hadn't heard of--Barlow Girl, titled "Never Alone."

I cried out with no reply
And I can't feel You by my side
So I'll hold tight to what I k now
You're here and I'm never alone
And though I cannot see You
And I can't explain why
Such as deep, deep reassurance
You've placed in my life
We cannot separate
Cause You're part of me
And though you're invisible
I'll trust the unseen

That says so much about where I've been and where I am right now. I sit here listening to the c.d. which Mayes so kindly loaned me and there are more great songs to be found

Thought of the week: "God succeeds where I fail."

In other news of the day, we watched the new Harry Potter movie tonight. I really don't like the character development. The effects...oooh, those were good. They did much justice to the dementors and other creepy aspects and some of the other cool stuff. The music...it was okay. They stayed to the story although they left out some key elements and had to cut scenes for reasons of time. I can forgive them for that. I wonder if they'll put out an extended version... Again, I prefer the books and eagerly wait for the next book. I hope it comes out sooner than later. Oh yeah, we ate at a pizza place in Kilgore. It was rather good. We should go again sometime. It's better than Cici's.

Now I continue listening to the music and watch the brewing storm outside as the lightning flashes and I hear the occasional thunder. I'd better post before I lose it. I don't trust the electricity.

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June 05, 2004

courtesy wheeler

Griffins are gorgeous creatures with the head of an
eagle and the body of a lion. You are smart
and can think on your feet. You also can be a
bit of an airhead and may be called a ditz by
others. You are not dtupid, but in fact, very
intelligent. You are also eager to help others
and are usually docile and submissive. But if
someone offends you you do bite back.

What Mythological Creature Are You (Many Results and Beautiful Pics)
brought to you by Quizilla

i have to say the pictures are pretty sweet in their own way. and this sort of fits.

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A&Q Open Thread

on a lighter note, I've decided to start an open thread for comments in remembrance of some fun forum times with Question & Answer, Answer & Question. I personally had more fun with A & Q where we start from an answer and you post a question to fit the answer and than you drop another random phrase for the next person. I'll start the comments off with an answer and away ya'll can go!

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Another week gone by

Well, another week...a short one although it felt like a full five work days, is over. I stuffed certificates into envelopes resisting the urge to put sticky notes on the ones of people i know. Yes, when those special studious souls get there certificate for "academic achievement", that envelope was stuffed and labeled by yours truly. I've even made a fair bit of headway into filing for the business offices although it would be nice to start removing files rather than adding new files into already full drawers...

I don't feel like writing extra posts, so here is my confession. You see, many times people wonder why I don't speak up more often or talk a lot. Others wonder why I chat too much...particularly under the influence...of caffeine. But anyways, it seems that my mouth gets me into a lot of trouble with people who are near and dear to me. My parents used to constantly get onto me for a "tone of voice" and other parents described me as sassy. There were some teachers here and there who didn't like my "attitude". My first ex-boyfriend finished a long dead relationship off because of something I said and his sister got a whole lot farther away after that. Before that, a friendship with a lifelong friend was strained. The other ex-boyfriend would probably have the same sort of complaint. My younger brother has forgiven my for my bossy, mean-spiritedness. you get the idea of a general pattern here. it ain't good.

and some people think i'm "sweet-spirited" and such. I don't know what to do though. Apparently I cross the line when giving people a hard time or teasing. Very rarely out of the above instances did I ever mean anything in a mean way. sometimes with my younger bro and maybe a couple of other times. But generally, I was just teasing.

Than again, I'm sitting here musing to myself wondering whether I might be a little too mean when I try to make a point about something regarding someone else. I can be, well, blunt. And it doesn't help that whenever I get mad about something someone else says when teasing or giving me a hard time, every one else laughs and tells me to get over it. This happened(s) quite often within my family. My older sis touched on a few things in the name of teasing....

So, I guess all I can do is say I'm sorry if I've ever given you the reader too much of a hard time and you either chose to not mention it to me or you did. Help me.

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June 03, 2004

courtesy charlie

You are an Angel.

What legend are you? Take the Legendary Being Quiz by Paradox.

Present in many belief systems, most notably Christian and Judaic, angels are a race of beings who serve Deity. They have many callings and subcategories. In popular culture they are most renowned for their role as guardians and protectors of humanity. Although angels can be dangerous and terrible creatures, many people refuse to acknowledge that aspect of them.

looking at the other results, i could also be a Muse

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Another one takes a blog!

The Punster has finally entered the blogging world! Celebrate!

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