May 30, 2004

Shakespeare Festival

I will also be posting this on the main site for the Council.

For those of you who are around the Longview area and would like to go and see a Shakespeare play this summer...we need to decide something soon because the sooner we get tickets, the better seats we'll get. Bench seats at the back are $15, but seats up nice and close are $20.

The two play choices are Merchant of Venice and The Tempest. These each have different associated dates of possibility.

Merchant: Friday, June 25, 730.

Thurs, July 1, 200 & 730

Sunday, July 4, 200

Friday, July 9, 730

Sunday, July 11, 730

Tuesday, July 13, 730

Saturday, July 17, 200

Wedesday, July 21, 730

Saturday, July 24, 730

Tempest: Sunday, June 27, 730

Tuesday, June 29, 730

Saturday, July 3, 200

Wedneday, July 7, 730

Saturday, July 10, 730

Thursday, July 15, 200 & 730

Sunday, July 18, 200

Friday, July 23, 730

Sunday, July 25, 730

I've struck through the dates I'm 99% sure Josh and/or I won't be in town for. I myself would prefer a weekend although I'm up for anything. The Thursday matinees are cheaper--but than, it's not cheaper for me in terms of missing work. Those are my thoughts. Feel free to leave comments here or at the main site... although let's really try to keep them on one site for better management. First person to comment gets to choose. :-)

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So, I finally post something more than a link. Happy?

I'm afraid that much of my spare time this last week has been spent rereading the entire Harry Potter series thus far. I think I loved it more this time than the last time I ready them...just after the fourth book had come out. This time I read the 5th book. I can't decided which is my favorite...the 3rd or the 5th. I really can't wait for the 3rd's going to rock! On a critical level, Rowling's writing definitely has improved with the progress of the series. She's doing a fantastic job with character development and with plot suspense and such.

In other is still good. I continue to do interesting things like shredding files, stuffing envelopes, sorting isn't the task so much as the material that is interesting. That's in Academic Affairs. The Business Office is more entertaining for the personalities and such of the people I work with or around. and numbers!!!!

We've watched some movies too this week. Most have been generally good...I know the boys were entertained more than myself. I kept falling asleep, hard as I tried to stay awake. I made chocolate cupcakes for the church picnic tomorrow, having done quality control first using willing subjects. According to Wheeler, they were "excellent." I know the frosting had to be. It was the first time I can remember that I've made the frosting from scratch and had it come out right. and I had exactly enough powdered sugar left for it. Oh yeah, we saw Troy this week. It was good enough but I predict it'll go like Pearl Harbor and Titanic...big for awhile, but not of everlasting fame like other movies--original Star Wars, LOTR, and some of the classics that we've been watching.

Plans for the week:
*take advantage of the Monday holiday and get more sleep and reading. maybe i'll get some fresh air too. We'll see. It might be destined to rain by Murphy. I also need to vacuum my car out at some point.

*I'll start reading the Hitchiker's Guides--The entire series in one volume being loaned to me by the lovely roommate Ardith.

*Finally pay some more bills--or at least make payments on them.

That's about it for now. Talk to y'all later. Hmm, y'all or ya'll?

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May 29, 2004

another link

well, i might right roughly in proportion to the number of comments or the quality of comments I get before tomorrow after I sleep some. unless Harry Potter continues to distract me.

Until then:

Feel too tall?

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May 27, 2004

Veggie Tunes!

go veggies!

i'll post this weekend if i get "x" comments where x is a number as yet to be decided. how's that for fuzzy math?

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May 22, 2004

quotable quotes

"Heather, why aren't you using a bigger knife?" --Anna
"I'm afraid of the bigger ones."--Heather

"May I come over...speaking of hell"--Scholl

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a good week done

Well, my first 40 hour week of work for the summer is over and all is well. I like both my jobs and all the people I work with. I don't even mind dressing up because they don't make a big deal out it..i can get away with not wearing panty hose and make-up. Since I am a student worker, I can probably also get away with the occasional jeans and nice shirt. I probably won't since my other stuff is cooler to walk in (temp wise)

Mornings in Academic Affairs generally stay interesting because I come across highly interesting things, but I really can't share. I try to avoid reading too much because that makes it easier not to have things that I'd really love to share. Most of what I do is fairly menial and grunt work, but after witnessing how hard Carol works at the front desk keeping Drs. Coppinger and Sumrall organized, I can see how much of what I do helps.

Afternoons at the business office are good too. There is never an end to having something to do because there is an unending amount of filing to do--for five offices. I really don't mind filing all that much--it amuses me to come across some of the interesting names of people. I also get to data entry---NUMBERS!!!!!!! However, the computer program we use--CARS/CX can be a serious pain.

Life in the apartment continues to settle little by little too. It's been wonderful to cook food and eat food other cook. Charlie grilled for us last night. I usually don't like bell peppers and I liked those bell peppers. Heather is cooking tonight. I cooked the other night and was rather surprised how well things came out. My appetite is coming back after being banished from Saga Food. This may not be a good thing, but then, it might be good too as long as keep eating healthier food.

Unless there has been something I've missed, I'm completely unpacked and organized. I finally sorted through everything, put stuff into storage and organized my desk space. Now to remember where everything is.... It's wonderful altogether because we still have unused cabinets and such!

I do need to decorate the walls around me though. At any rate, it's about time to settle done and continue reading Harry Potter--book 1. I'm aiming to reread through the first 4 and than the 5th for the first time. Heather has the set. Just as an amusing note, there are three complete sets of LOTR in our apartment. I guess if anyone ever needs to borrow them, we have a decent enough supply. I enjoy hearing from ya'll and seeing how things are going in your lives. Feel free to leave comments....

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May 18, 2004

disturbing link


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on the book

I normally probably won't post a lot of responses to books I read...that would take awhile and criticism isn't my specialty when it comes to movies and books. I'll try and post opinions and stuff every once in awhile.

Now, some of you may scoff at the idea of Christian fiction--but I just finished the fourth book in a series by some of my favorite authors--Brock & Bodie Thoene. A long time ago, in my younger days, I had read the other two series--Zion Chronicles and Gates of Zion, and was very happy to hear that another one had been written--Zion Legacy. I finally got the chance to start reading those these last few months. THe first one in February to the cost of my homework and the second through fourth in the last week. I enjoyed the first three, but this last one--Jerusalem Scrolls--was one of those that kept me reading and reading, not wanting to put the book down. It was more than just good. The previous books are set in the early days of the nation of Israel--like after WWII. This one is set in that time period, but tells another story for most of the book instead of the days of Christ. Basically, it follows the story of a Jewish adulteress and the Roman Centurion. It's a love story, but that isn't the emphasis. The story is more about each of the two persons, and some other characters, as they come to know and hear of Yeshua of Nazareth. It tells the story of some of the miracles.

First thing that impressed me was the fact that I was given some separate perspectives on the story of Christ. Fictionalized perspectives of the people involved in the oft-told Bible stories. I was swept away in the story--I love getting lost in that world--I was gripped and moved, challenged. I fell in love with Jesus again through the story--based from the Gospels and the familiar words that were said here and there. I feel at peace. I don't have that peace all that often and I've missed it. The words are hard now. I still really don't understand it all--love, God, peace, faith, ... I won't while I walk the Earth as a mere human waiting for Christ to take me away in death or at his return.


At any rate. This is a book that could be read apart from the series, so if you get a chance, find a copy somewhere.

I should have been in bed long ago because I must be up again for another day. Goodnight all! God bless!!

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getting there

hmm, to keep the random titles or to create a theme. eh, no matters.

anyways. i had a good monday. first time in a long time. probably since spring break.

The apartment is slowly coming to a semblance of a "home." I love being able to work with the kitchen and having all the storage space. I also like being able to read, away from the distraction of my computer in the living room and just enjoy the quiet (well, not always quiet.) I've read many books in the last week. I may just start on one of the Tolstoy's before the next day is through. We'll see if I have any shorter ones to work on first :-p

The first day of work was good. If the summer is a continuation mostly of today, it'll be good. I get a desk at each job! The one in academic fairs is in this small little space...but there is a window!, even if I probably won't be in there as much of the time--but we'll see. They've gotten me started on a project to work on during times when I'm not needed for more immediate things. like copying, or helping organize their space and stuff like that. I have a computer at the business office, with a nasty little mouse, but still and I am also there to help control the filing in five offices. 8-| It isn't horrible--better than cleaning any day. And even if I'm only using my mind to alphabetize and stuff like that at times, it's good. I had fun copying an article for Dr. Coppinger earlier got to be like a puzzles trying to get the thing on one or two pages and readable. I succeeded with a "work of art." (My own words.)

Hmm, should I put my response to the most recently finished book in another post? probably.

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May 15, 2004

settling in...

well, we're getting settled in slowly but surely here in apt. 15b. it's been interesting to say the least. we have a unique bedroom set up and it looks like our office is going to be a cool little place too. i've got my desk set up and the kitchen is coming along. i still have to work with the bathroom and sink areas and sort through a ton of papers for storage or trash. it's nice to have floor length closest for my long dresses and it's just too wonderful to have all this extra storage space. at any rate, i'm going to attack another area now (putting off the sort as long as possible.) and than we still have to go clean our room up before checking out of ELH.

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more procrastination fun


thanks theophilus. *goes to continue putt putting*

if only i could do that well in real mini golf.... i normall get somewere a little over 60 on a 36 par. on internet putt putt, first try i had a 67 out of 48.

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May 13, 2004

my vacation is coming to an end...

Well, it ended being a good night. After splitting a dinner with my darling at McAlisters Deli, we decided to go see Butterfly Effect and Josh just happened to have two refund tickets that let us in for free. which is good, because we're both basically broke. The movie was good. As good as Eternal Sunshine. The first part of the movie was rough and choppy...but then, it was supposed to be. It's a gut-wrenching in scenes..showing very little, leaving enough to the imagination and filling in holes as one goes. It's all very well done and ends somewhat surprisingly. At any rate, if you get a chance to see it If not, I encourage renting it when it comes out. After the movie, we picked ourselves up some coffee, because it just seemed like that kind of night--being rainy and all. I had a Java Chip Frappuccino.....yum yum yum. and than, I've been sitting here, continuing my bum-like rest and enjoying myself immensely. While I have a fair number of errands to run tomorrow, and moving begins tomorrow night...I'll enjoy my last good day of rest before I begin work next week after settling into the apt.

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May 12, 2004


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try different combinations of capital letters and stuff....there are some interesting ones...

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updated links

well, i updated and added some links. enjoy. if you really care.

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May 11, 2004


vitriol: the expression of bitter deep-seated ill will; rancor [syn: vituperation, invective]

That is what I had lots of yesterday. It grew and grew. It began at 4:30 a.m. when I had to wake up and than wake up Josh so we could go to Houston from my brother's house. He is halfway between here and Houston you see. My sister-in-law Amanda had prepared the coffee-maker to go so I turned it on and got ready to leave. Not having travel mugs, and my older brother not having any to spare, I found styrofoam cups and left Josh to prepare them, thinking he would only fill them half-way to prevent spillage. He didn't. He filled them to the almost-top. I not thinking clearly enough didn't make the suggestion of putting some of the coffee back into the pot so the cups were less full/more empty. So, we got into the car and Josh steadied the cups for the rough stuff between my bro's house and the main road. A bit of coffee was spilled. We got going and the main road was a little rougher than we thought. Coffee spilled; mostly on Josh. About 45 minutes into the drive, we hit fog. serious fog with low low visibility. I tightened my grip on the steering wheel, sipped on coffee, and focused on the road. The coffee wasn't that good. It was IHOP quality. Josh was noting the strange-colored stains on shorts and shirt. The wipers and defrost with the car were sucky and I finally had to pull off so we could clear the windshield better. We had already tossed the coffee out the window, minus the cups and ditched the cups when Josh washed the windshield. We continued on our way, the fog getting a little bit better and not having coffee to deal with--only the complaints of Josh who was bitter about the stains of bitter coffee. A little while after merging onto I-45, I pulled over to let Josh drive upcoming traffic. The coffee had gotten him pretty good I noted in the increasing light. I sat back and dozed until we reached downtown Houston and my navigation skills were needed.

Traffic wasn't too terrible except for one or two parts and we managed to get into the medical tower without any major problems. The office didn't open for a half-hour and my appointment was 45 minutes after that, so we sat down in the cafe and had a little bit to eat and recuperate. Than we headed up to the comfort of the waiting room and for Josh to change his shirt and sponge out his shorts. I managed to get called into a little room inside the office at 830. I waited. they came and took my blood pressure. another 15 minutes passed. the nurse asked questions. twenty minutes passed. another nurse ran an EKG. twenty more minutes passed. I was moved to a different room. and yet more time passed and the doctor came in and spent time looking through my ever-expanding file. we talked a bit. he sat there, confused as normal. we finally reached the conclusion to wait some more time and I'd call if anything changed (Fainting=change). He wants to see me again in three months. We'll see about that. They finally let me go at about 10:45. two hours after I had even entered the doctor office. I was seething rage at the long wait while being thankful I had a good long book to read with me. Josh took me to Chipotle for lunch. I just wanted to get out of downtown Houston away from the madness of the medical system.

After some food, I was feeling a bit better so we got into the car and drove out of town to find our way to the San Jacinto Monument and Battleship Texas. We drove over the big bridge on Beltway 8 for two dollars. Having a limited amount of time, we decided to stick with the ship and the battlefield and save the rest for another day. We wandered around all of the ship that we were allowed, took pictures and had a generally good time. Being tired, and noting that it was about to rain, we decided to head back to Longview. I figured I'd drive the first half and let him drive the rest. We decided to see how long the free ferry took for getting out of the area. It didn't take long at all. I thought I-10 to Beltway-8 to 59 was the best way out. It started to pour rain like crazy just before the exit and I exited just barely too soon for the beltway, I made an illegal right turn from the left lane onto the frontage road and got on that way. It wasn't horrible, but the freeway ended and I was left with a not so good road and stoplights and slow people. It took awhile to get out of Houston, but I managed to get on 59 and get us out of there. Josh leaned back to take a nap. It started raining madly again. Nobody had there lights on it seemed. People were speeding. A blue-pick-up cut in front of me. He didn't use a turn-signal. He didn't have his lights. If I'd slammed on my brakes, there would have been chaos because it was still raining madly, the wind was blowing, and the roads were very wet and slick. I was seething and needed to vent. I really wanted a stress-ball. I hit Josh's leg and he woke up and kept me company with the madness until the rain let up. A little bit later, it started raining like crazy again and people were zipping on, without lights, by while I was noting that the car's traction wasn't as good as I'd like it and I was having trouble spotting cars without lights in front of me, so I pulled off in Livingston at a burger king to wait it out. We sat in the car. Ran in for caffeine and sugar. And got back on the road. Josh went back to sleep. It started raining again, but I figured I'd be okay. It let up eventually again. Things looked like they would stay dry. We got gas and I didn't really want to move from the driver's seat so I figured I'd keep on driving and let Josh continue napping. Two vehicles crossed traffic in front of me and I had to slam on my brakes not to hit them. I missed the turn towards Nacodoches for that. Than a semi was taking it's time turned to go the other direction form our two lanes so traffic was stopped. I didn't have enought stopping distance so I pulled onto the shoulder while decelerating and got past a few cars there. I decided that I just wanted to get back into Longview and off the roads, but now, people were going below the speed limit on the dry roads in the clearing weather. Josh napped on. I shook my fists at a few other people.

We finally got into Longview. I was seething. But then, I calmed down and called my mom and sister, chatted with them and laughed at my sister who has her hands full with my 18-month old nephew who is approaching the terrible-twos at full speed. In three months, she'll have another little one and life will be crazy.

I crashed in bed last night after chatting with Sunny who left this morning. I slept until a little before one, got up and took a shower and than sorted out the health insurance mess. Ran errands with Josh. Had a good mocha and bought a book from Barron's. Came back, read in the library and watched the wind and rain. Made dinner. Read in Tyler lobby. and now, I am sitting here and contemplating going to bed soon so that I may attend class with Scholl and Wheeler to watch Schindler's List because I've never seen it. And there you have my post for now.

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May 08, 2004

The Melancholy begins to set it

So I went to graduation this morning. I sat there waiting for the ceremony to commence and realized yet again how close I am to being the one who walks across the stage and how many people I knew that walked across the stage this year...some friends from before I left Longview, others who I enjoyed learning in classes with.

One year. One year. I can only imagine what my life is going to be like next spring planning to end this stage of my life and move on to another. I also sit and wonder at friendships come and gone and am grateful for those who are closest to me now.

There was that. On the ceremony as a whole--remember convocation at the beginning of the semester and the lack of decorum? It was like that again. I could blame it partly on there being a lot of people...I don't know. I'm not sure there was a grand amount of time where there wasn't some din of talking somewhere. I felt bad for the GAPs students because it was worse for them and people moving about. and the butchering of names....gah! oh well, such is life. Graduation is meant to be something fairly serious...and, it just didn't have that feel. anyways, off to lunch.

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May 07, 2004

So tonight, after everyone was gone, Ardith, Wheeler, Scholl, and I decided that Bruce's sounded good for dinner. So after a wal-mart trip so that i could get drops for the water in my fish's home, we went to bruces.

it was great. very good. We pulled in and a little ole lady came out and took our order. She didn't get it exactly right, being hard of hearing, but it didn't matter.

So, we sat there...amidst the other cars with people--that's an interesting story of observation in itself--we waited for our food. the drinks came first. Ardith, Wheeler, and myself had large root beers that cost $1.00. they came in big frosted mugs. very big frosted mugs. maybe 32 oz? josh got his coke in a boring styrofoam cup

and than the food came. the burgers were good. very good. for a mere $1.70 each or something like it. with bacon. and fresh veggies--the right color and everything. and we enjoyed our real food. all of us eating and becoming full enough for less than $17 total.

:-d we'll be back. hopefully getting the floats this time like we had tried to order.

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May 06, 2004

so it's done.

so yeah, everyone else is putting up "last posts" of the school year like stuff. but anyways. so many of you talk about this being the end of your first year of college...for me, it's an entering the last year of my college career. In one year, I will be a certified teacher and walk across the stage to receive a diploma. (there is of course the chance that God might intervene at some point, but the theoretical plan is that I graduate next year.)

this was the hardest two weeks I've had out of all my semesters here. so much work. so many pages that I have written. and the thought that i really need to quit "procrastinating" on papers because i keep losing points only for a few sentence structure errors, typos and stuff. *sigh* curses on making mistakes when correcting old ones.

so i'm exhausted. i feel like i have been beaten to a pulp--including my head. so other than a doctors appointment and taking care of a lot of stuff like returning books to the library, paying bills, depositing a check, filling out insurance forms and stuff--i can rest for the next week or so. mmmm. sleep......

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May 05, 2004

paper finished

well, maybe i can nab a few hours of sleep so that i can get through finals tomorrow. I still have to get up and print stuff off my for my seminar notebook of materials. i'm about to go post the paper on blackboard for my fellow classmates. It's 23 pages long double spaced and only the beginning.

i need to study the assigned reading before my 9:45 exam. I wake up sometime before 8. about 14-15 hours from long shift at the cart thursday morning....and then......


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May 04, 2004

The little engine that could?

Tuesday: work 730-930 am, woodring final at 1245-300, cults final at 6:00-800
Wed: seminar paper due, 945-1145 education final, 300-500 stats final

can i do it?

i can i can i can

i can do it i can do it

(solely through the mercy and grace of God's strength...)

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May 02, 2004

Shareable Quote 'o' the Day

"God can be freaky."


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Well, I seem to be getting like little to no comments these days. So I ask ya'll...what should I do? I really don't want any more comment like I had been getting....that seems to be fixed for now, *knocks on wood*. Should I put forth instructions for a mad lib? Maybe ya'll can help me write my frog sentence per comment? Shall I submit math riddles? Do you have any interesting ideas?

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Why I love My Beautiful: By Sunny

My Beautiful is the dearest girl in the world. I promised not to do any harm if she left me at her computer to finish explaining to someone how he managed to get warned in the process of my impishness.

So, If you want to know why her warning level is at 95% blame me. But she laughed about the fact that all the settings on her computer were changed and even about the annoyance of having to wait like a minute between sending IM messages.

I love you Beautiful lady. Now you have another memory. :-*

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if you give an imp a keyboard...

Infidel (11:17:13 PM): Is there Waffle Shoppe tonight?
Not Math Nerd (11:17:33 PM): yea
Not Math Nerd (11:17:54 PM): and they stoled my beautiful
Not Math Nerd (11:18:00 PM): curses
Infidel (11:18:11 PM): your "beautiful"?
Not Math Nerd (11:18:23 PM): yes
Not Math Nerd (11:18:25 PM): my anna
Infidel (11:18:48 PM): SO, you are not anna?
!Math Nerd (11:19:03 PM): of course not
!Math Nerd (11:19:07 PM): who did you expect?
Infidel (11:19:40 PM): Well, according to the screen name and the nickname I have on my computer, you are indeed anna.
!Math Nerd (11:19:51 PM): well, then
!Math Nerd (11:19:54 PM): why did you ask?
!Math Nerd (11:19:58 PM): silly boy
Infidel (11:20:20 PM): I asked because I have never heard Anna refer to herself in the third person.
!Math Nerd (11:20:32 PM): ah ha
!Math Nerd (11:20:33 PM): silly boy
!Math Nerd (11:20:40 PM): foolish infidel
Infidel (11:20:51 PM): Apparently so.
Infidel (11:21:02 PM): MAy I ask to whom I am writing?
!Math Nerd (11:21:06 PM): no
Infidel (11:21:12 PM): Alright.
!Math Nerd (11:21:58 PM): and I would never consider refering to scholl as "my beautiful"
!Math Nerd (11:22:04 PM): You may call him "furball"
Infidel (11:22:12 PM): I amy, but I chosse not to.
!Math Nerd (11:22:14 PM): tee hee hee hee
Infidel (11:22:15 PM): *may
!Math Nerd (11:22:32 PM): may call him beautiful?
!Math Nerd (11:22:35 PM): eww
!Math Nerd (11:22:42 PM): just wait till I tell my beautiful
!Math Nerd (11:22:47 PM): and the furball
Infidel (11:23:04 PM): I emant thtat I may call him "furball"...
Infidel (11:23:08 PM): *meant
!Math Nerd (11:23:24 PM): did you mean that you may commit errorous typos?
Infidel (11:23:45 PM): A typo, by definition, is erroneos.
Infidel (11:23:49 PM): *erroneous
Infidel (11:24:03 PM): Your statement had superfluous modifiers.
!Math Nerd (11:24:06 PM): uh yeah
!Math Nerd (11:24:08 PM): duh
!Math Nerd (11:24:22 PM): don't you "superfulous modifiers" me
Infidel (11:24:29 PM): Too late!
!Math Nerd (11:24:38 PM): I'll "superfulous modifiers" your head!!
!Math Nerd (11:24:45 PM): and your mother
!Math Nerd (11:24:51 PM): and your little dog too.
Infidel (11:24:53 PM): Again, too late.

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May 01, 2004


go check out this hijack :-D

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there isn't really anything profound to say on the subject. i spent a lot of money to add "teacher" clothing to my wardrobe that will also help in working in the offices this summer. and as i pack to move down to apt, i'll be doing spring cleaning of some stuff that just doesn't fit right anymroe. i tried to look for shoes again. but of course, none of the stores in the mall sold size 12 shoes. one store had only one kind--a high heel. another only had tennis shoes and after that size 11 heels. clothing went better. with lily's help and comments, i managed to get some nice shirts, a "professional pant set" thing and some other stuff. she also needed to get teacher clothing. than we went to payless and i got three things. one brown pair of shoes that mostly fit with an awesome insole. . .perfect for standing a lot. another was a flat strappy black pair that had comfy straps. the other pair was to console myself after a depressing shoe venture: black furry slippers.

so, i think i'm set now. why i decided to write about this, i don't know. oh yeah, and this chick at penney's saw my last name and remembered that i was "kirk's sister." kirk is my younger brother.

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linky link

The above link is the third of a series on Evangelical Christians in America. This is about the impact of the group. here is a quote:

"It's extremely influential. It's certainly the most rapid-growing of all of our religions. It's had an enormous impact on the society. Just look at who the President of the United States is."

"Evangelicals can't ignore the culture. Their whole religious sensibility is based upon meeting the culture halfway. At the same time, American culture -- just like American religion -- is an enormously powerful force. It will change religion, just as religion will change culture."

"The biggest thing that bothers me about culture is the "no fear" thing. I think it came in with THE SIMPSONS -- that you don't fear adults. There is no respect for authority, and I think it has slowly torn away at our youth."

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