February 18, 2005

Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde

Alright, this is far late in coming up and I apologize for not starting this sooner.

Next Saturday, the 26th of February, some of us are going to see "Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde" at the Longview Community Theatre. Since it is a musical this time, the tickets are $15. I think it could be very good.

Thus, if you would like to go, please leave a comment by Monday at noon. Or let me (Anna) know in person. Or by email. Comments are preferred.

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February 14, 2005

Ahem ... hello, everybody

Well ... my blog is up and running at last ... for the most part, at any rate. I don't have much of anything posted there yet, but any comments on the overall style and layout are more than welcome. It's pleasure to join you,

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February 03, 2005


This is a lot of fun. I just killed a wave of comment spam that hit multiple SC weblogs. With a few keystrokes, I eliminated the offending messages from the blogs before their owners even knew they'd been spammed.

I also got crafty and decided to block all URLs ending in ".biz" from our comment forms. Please bleat plaintively if you feel a need to allow your readers to supply us with such hyperlinks.

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