January 07, 2005

Mea Culpa

In case some of you hadn't noticed, shadowcouncil.org was down for about 12 hours earlier today... that was my fault. Rather, at least half my fault and partially the fault of the impatient people at hosting matters who charged a credit card without money in it and closed down the account within 24 hours. I will beg off on the fact that I was travelling and sleeping during the majority of that period of time.

All of that said, it's my fault that things went down...

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January 01, 2005


As I've been sitting here with Anna, helping recover from the latest wave of spam (and cleaning my own blog,) it was revealed to me that I have never actually put up a link to the blacklist. Apparently, I had never told Anna how to use the blacklist nor even shown it to her, she had only heard tales about it.

Thus, I know some of you know how to use the blacklist and others do not. The link is now on the sidebar, so you can dive in and try it for yourself (the login/pass is the same as your blog.) If you need any help, check out the User Guide or get ahold of another SC.org blogger, because most of us have been using mt-blacklist for a while.

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