3 September 2006 - Sunday

Reading list

The good quit young: Caleb McDaniel is boarding up Mode for Caleb in order to concentrate on real life for a while.

Richard Wolin, reviewing Eric Paras' Foucault 2.0: Beyond Power and Knowledge, notes evidence that Foucault turned over a new leaf later in life. (HT: several people)

The new issue of Foreign Affairs includes Walter Russell Mead's "God's Country?", a survey of contemporary American Protestantism. It is a much more careful and constructive treatment of the subject than the recent "theocracy" alarmism has offered.

Simplicius shows us a fun set of marginal notes left by the former owner of a textbook.

Target.com is selling a Franklin Roosevelt action figure. I particularly wonder where they found the promised photos and audio clips of, er, President Franklin. (HT: WN)

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