23 July 2005 - Saturday


There's plagiarism, and there's desperate plagiarism. Here's how somebody got to this blog recently, via Yahoo: "Write a reflection paper on my long slow journey about my four years at Metro State College and describe the classes."

Well, I'm pretty sure I can't help you with that one. But if you happen to be in Bulgaria, and happen to google "oomph!" ... I'm slightly more relevant, apparently.

Anyway, I went to Half Price Books in Austin today. I was looking for a copy of The Education of Henry Adams. I found one. I also found:

Hildegard von Bingen -- a CD with 11 of her compositions. I was overjoyed.

Camus, L'étranger

Barzun, From Dawn to Decadence

Pierson, Tocqueville in America

Taylor and Haas, German: A Self-Teaching Guide (Have I ever mentioned how inconvenient it is to have nothing but Spanish and Greek offered at LETU?)

Collins Robert French Unabridged Dictionary

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