2 July 2005 - Saturday

Frying Nemo

I arrived in Longview yesterday not long after two o'clock. It was still raining lightly; I had just driven through a thunderstorm in Henderson.

Guessing that the liberal arts offices at LeTourneau would still be open, I headed to Heath-Hardwick Hall. I found several people there, including Judy Walton, Dr. Watson, Prof. Payton, and Dr. Hummel. Even Dr. Olson showed up briefly. She seems to be feeling better -- well enough, at least, to pass around grandbaby photos.

I was in plenty of time, of course, for the first event on my schedule: supper courtesy of St. Michael and All Angels' Episcopal Church. The get-together was irresistibly high-concept. First, we would have a fish fry. Afterward, we would watch Finding Nemo under the stars. (The event was well-attended by small children, who seemed to take the continuity in stride.)

I probably ate too much; fish fry is a powerful experience. The movie, of course, was hilarious. Even better, though, was listening to the Drs. Watson talk. ETBU's Dr. Watson is as much fun as ours (her husband), who entertained us with stories about some of the less-well-received sermons he's preached.

Tonight's event will be A Midsummer Night's Dream. I look forward to it.

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