1 July 2005 - Friday

History Carnival XI

I am heading up to East Texas for the weekend. I want to take in the Texas Shakespeare Festival, which I had to miss last year, in the company of friends who are still in the area. Rumor has it that the performances are very good. I'm forced into an unfortunate trade, though: I have to miss The Philadelphia Story and Woman of the Year at the Paramount. Hepburn, Shakespeare ... Shakespeare, Hepburn ....

Right. While I am on the road, please visit the eleventh History Carnival, tenderly woven together by the redoubtable Brandon Watson. This edition is particularly colorful and carnival-like. Among the posts included:

Eric Muller looks at a Boy Scout Jamboree that took place in a Japanese-American internment camp during World War II >>

Manan Ahmed describes a Pakistani woman's fight for justice, which could be the start of something far greater. >>

Lauren looks at the iconography of St. Peter Martyr. >>

Orac reflects on the pitfalls of the argumentum ad Nazium. >>

It's just possible that the carnival includes an entry from your humble servant.

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