April 14, 2003

My Sister's Friends' Visit

Before I was able to go and search for a copy of FF10, I was informed that two of Jessica's friends were on their way to come and talk to our family. I decided to stay and wait to talk with them. They are still here while I am writing this. Earlier this morning, one of my sister's friends called the house and asked for Jessica. She knew what had happened, she had just been hoping it wasn't true.

The bodies have been returned to the funeral home and they are being prepared for the visitation and the funeral.

I still don't want to go home, but I do need to go and talk with my cousins. I have no idea how they are handling this, but I haven't seen them at all since this has happened so I need to go down there.

More will come later.

Posted by Randy at April 14, 2003 06:50 PM