April 20, 2003

General School Update

Well, as far as the addition of a photo, I haven't even asked for help yet. I'll get on that after I'm caught up with everything. I have the actual photo picked out, but I need help with actually putting it on this site. It will all work out eventually.

I didn't get near as much work done today as I wanted to do. I got a large amount of the Engineering Graphics final project done. I believe that the prof has decided to punish our class for the incredible lack of attendence. Out of my class of about twenty or so students, about five attended class regularly. That would piss me off if I was teaching the class. Maybe if the class wasn't so freaking stupid and pointless more people would decide to go to the class instead of going to lunch early. I also caught up slightly on some of my Calculus homework. Still have two assignments for that class to do, though. Fortunately, we are working on the same stuff in Calculus that we have already done in Physics. Hopefully, it won't take me much time to finish these next assignments.

I wish that I didn't procrastinate. I put off all the work I was going to do on Friday for Saturday, and I didn't do much of that work today. Part of that might be because I brought a game back to school with me. I need more willpower.

Posted by Randy at April 20, 2003 01:40 AM