April 21, 2003

School Rambling

Here I am sitting in a dark room in front of my computer at midnight on either Saturday night or Sunday morning (depending on your outlook) while my roommate is watching Good Will Hunting on his computer while laying on his bed. Strange how many thoughts you can cram into one sentence by using prepositions.

I finished all of my calculus work and did a lot of Engineering Graphics over the weekend. Tomorrow I have to find my sadistic English professor to get worksheets to do homework for his class and find out when I can make up the test I missed in his class. I have to have some meeting with the team that I am in for my engineering design class tomorrow. I've got to do physics homework eventually and I may have to do some rescheduling to get my physics lab done early so that I can work on my Manufacturing Processes Lab crap.

Work sucks. Sometimes I wish I could just sit down and do nothing for days on end. Too bad reality says that I can't do that and have good grades. I truly envy those who can do that here. I did that all through high school, but I can't here. Oh how I long for the days in which I could play games and other things all day, do a few minutes of homework, and get A's in all my classes. That was the "great" thing about high school, it wasn't challenging. At all. At the time, I loved it, but now I wish it hadn't been that way so I would be better prepared to not procrastinate.

This post went a weird direction. I guess that is just how my mind works. Start one way, ramble for a while, end somewhere completely different.

Posted by Randy at April 21, 2003 12:16 AM