April 21, 2003

Link Updates

Well, upon discovery that uploading a photo would mean upgrading my blog service (unless I made a website to upload the photo from), I have decided instead to just put a message on the top of all the links to the left. Maybe I will eventually discover how to make that section a little wider and make it look a little better. Until then, that will just have to do.

About my new link, Katy is a friend of mine from my high school who is coming here to LU this next semester. Her sister is going here now. She is a happy person, so if you are very cynical you probably won't enjoy her somewhat randomness.

I am going to once again warn any readers I may have about the something positive link. It is a very twisted, sick, and dark humor comic site. It is often lewd and violent, but some of the strips are extremely funny. If you are offended easily by sexual references, don't go there.

As far as any more template updates, I am going to try to get a message board, but I need help with it. I am amazed I have been able to do what I have done.

Chapel today was the awards chapel. It was extremely boring, but was made enjoyable by laughing at the professors and some of the students who got the awards. Before you start thinking it, I am not jealous of those who got the awards. First of all, it was mostly seniors and juniors anyway since the awards were designed for them. I knew several of the people who got the awards, so I have the priviledge of laughing at them. Congratulations on winning that scholarship Anna!

Posted by Randy at April 21, 2003 12:26 PM