August 03, 2003

Spiders Everywhere

Remember that spider-inspired masterpiece I wrote a few weeks ago?

I had the misfortune of meeting him again tonight. I was reading a book while my feet were resting on the legs of a computer chair and I felt something brush underneath my foot. I looked down and saw the spider running under my bed. I felt myself turn pale and I put both of my feet on top of the chair, even though I knew the eight-legged bastard was underneath my bed.

That would have been bad enough had I not seen a spider large enough to be that spider's younger brother slowly crawling on the bathroom ceiling earlier today. I also unintentionally killed two small spiders while cleaning my air conditioning filter. Now I am going to be in fear of these spiders until I move back to LU.

I do not like living in a house overrun by spiders.

Posted by Randy at August 3, 2003 12:21 AM