July 17, 2003


An original poem by me composed at 2:45 AM.


An eight-legged monster
Scares the crap out of me,
I do hate this fear,
Arachnaphobia, you see.

The distinct quiet crawl
And the slow noiseless slink
Causes terror unfathomable
To many strange minds, I think.

Both the creation of web
And the careful, constant creep
Causes ceaseless panic
And the desire to weep.

From me it stays hidden,
But I do know it's there,
Just hiding and waiting
To time the next scare.

If ever I see it panic
And freeze in it's fright,
I'll stomp the damn bastard
And get some good sleep one night.

Posted by Randy at July 17, 2003 03:09 AM