May 01, 2007

Family Joy

Today, the adoption of a new cousin became official! (My cousins adopted a deaf boy).

It's a case where ya see the positive aspects of CPS. A few years ago, my cousins decided to start foster parenting. They took in two kids at first-- a sister and brother. The older one, the girl, had hearing problems but was not completely deaf. T, the boy--I think he was 2, was completely deaf. I can't remember exactly why they were removed--neglect I think, but my cousins took them in and loved them. I guess about a year or so ago, the kids were given back to their parents. The girl was faring pretty well, but the parents were refusing to learn how to sign and deal with T. So CPS removed just him and gave him back to my cousins and they then started the process of adoption which had always been their goal. He still visits with his sister. There were difficulties, but pretty much everyone with sense was on the side of my cousins, and the 6 month waiting period ended today. The adoption is now official and we welcome T into the extended family. Pictures below. Apparently, the judge was all smiles with the whole process and let T bang the gavel twice :-)

Also below with the picture is a picture of my niece and nephew at Easter. Caedin looks more and more like my sister (and that's her expression too) and Sarah looks more and more like my brother-in-law (that's his grin)

new family

caedin and sarah

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