May 07, 2007

the weekend

grading...what grading? I don't have a 6 inch stack of papers to grade...

anyways, The Scholls had quite the weekend between various and asundry celebratory activities. Pictures posted below.

Friday night was our 3rd Senior Banquet of great fun. I also visited with Melissa and saw the new baby. Melissa is the wife of the friend who lost his leg in Iraq two months ago.

Saturday morning we went to graduation. Then, after the traditional meet and picture taking at the library, we went to lunch at Olive Garden with the Barbours and Lewises. Then, after saying a quick goodbye, we headed out of town for a 3 hour drive to my cousins who were celebrating the adoption of their new son. This was great fun with a crawfish boil, church dedication the next morning, and than a lasagne lunch of yumminess. After which, we regretfully left for the 3 hour drive back home, stopping at the LU for dinner with the Wheelers and Randy and than went back home to crash.

That's the short version. Enjoy the pix. THose of you who are featured will eventually receive the full copies (not the downsized version) as I have both originals and postables.

these are the better pictures. If you've been left out, it's because I'm still practicing my leet camera skills.... and photoshopping...


barbour again







where's doug?

the crew

scholl at banquet

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