July 13, 2008

Master Moore's Wedding

I've decided that I'll try to use Sunday as my day to update my blog and write my family. Hopefully that means I'll be more consistent at both now that I have a certain day of the week set aside to do it.

Unquestionably the biggest event of the past week was Moore and Sharon's wedding, which I was privileged to attend. I nearly missed it, since I haven't looked at the main Shadow Council page in a very, very long time. I vaguely knew that Moore and Sharon were getting married, but certainly not when or where. Master Wilson was kind enough to fill me on on both of those when I talked to him last week. Thankfully, the wedding was in Illinois, so I was able to drive down and make it. It would have been a great shame to miss it, both for the sake of seeing Moore and Sharon and also because so many of the SC would be there. It was great to see you all.

The bride and groom were radiant, as they should be. I don't think I've ever seen a groom and bride quite so happy and ... at ease. I feel no foreboding regarding their future together. While my own wedding will always rank first in my own eyes (both for reasons of loyalty and in an objective sense, at least thus far), this was a great wedding to attend. All the more so because my own lovely bride was able to come with me and share the event. However, I failed to bring my camera, so you must rely on others for photographic evidence of the event.

I don't have many long-winded thoughts to share on the event. The things that stand out most about it to me that I'll share are these:

  1. As previously mentioned, the bride and groom's great happiness and unharried joy. The time leading up to a wedding is almost always stressful; Moore and Sharon handled it wonderfully.
  2. My wife really enjoyed the event. She was worried that she wouldn't have anyone to talk to; she was pleasantly surprised to be fondly remembered and to have plenty of people to talk to. In talking about this afterward, we reckoned part of this to the fact that the intervening years have given us all stuff to talk about and catch up on, and another part due to the fact that so many more of them are now married themselves. I was the first of my peer group to be married and Nikki often felt that my friends of my "former life" weren't quite sure how to react to my new married status. But we've all had practice, both for us in relating to others as a married couple and for them in relating to formerly-single-now-plural friends. It's all part of growing up. I am very pleased she enjoyed herself; thanks for making my wife feel welcome!
  3. There was dancing at Master Moore's wedding. Few of the dancers had any experience, but at least that made us all equally foolish. Unfortunately, my wife did not want to dance, so I wasn't able to dance with her. But I was able to dance with Miss Tucker, and I greatly enjoyed it, both for the dancing itself and for the friend herself. Dancing and music-playing are two arts I would greatly enjoy being better at ... but they go into my good-idea-someday bag, which has an awful lot of wonderful things in it.
  4. We went out for bowling afterward and ate good pizza. I generally tend to be partial to thicker pizza (Pizza Hut tends to be my and Nikki's favorite), but this was thin pizza, and it was very good.

It was good to see you all. I've missed you.

Posted by Leatherwood on July 13, 2008 at 05:30 PM