July 28, 2005

Happiness is...

...a new toy.

Tonight marks the start of Ardith's Laptop Project. I have just ordered myself a pretty IBM T22. For $374, off of Ebay. I'm expecting it to get here next week, which should give me just enough time to wipe the drive, install Debian, and play with it a bit before using it to keep me from getting bored on the plane. I predict I shall be most happy with it.

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July 27, 2005

Another Wednesday

Today, on a hot tip, I tried to buy a HP LaserJet 1320 from Amazon for ~$100.

Needless to say, they cancelled my order a few hours later, and sent me a cute email which showed small rodents dancing to the "We're Sorry, The Price Was Wrong, We Cancelled Your Order" song.

Ok. So there wasn't any dancing.

And there wasn't any song either.

And the email wasn't cute at all. So sue me.

I need a new hobby. Beyond signing up for Netflix, that is.

I think it's about time to start Ardith's Laptop Project.

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July 18, 2005

Fresh Bread

Yep. That's what the apartment smells like right now. I win.

And in other news, I have my flight all booked to California for the wedding of these two. Which means I also get to see Julie, Jesse, and last but definitely not least, Cory. And other family members and assorted people. Plus, I get to see California for the first time ever. I win again.

That is all.

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July 16, 2005


There is the coolest theater here that has weekend midnight showings of random movies for $4. This week's movie was Napoleon Dynamite.


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July 14, 2005

Ardith's Thursday Night Excitement

Ahhh... I like Thursdays. By this time of the week, I've finished most of the chores which I always fully intend to do on Saturday, and then keep putting off. There's also the added bonus of knowing that tomorrow's Friday, which means a) the weekend's almost here, and b) the weekend's almost here. Both of which are good to know.

I had just finished dinner and had settled down in front of the tv, when I heard sirens going off. Sirens which kept getting closer. Odd, that. This is normally a quiet section of town. But those aren't police sirens, either. And they're right outside my window now.

Being obviously quite curious, I went out on the balcony and looked around. There was a paramedic truck outside, and people in uniforms walking around. And then the firetrucks started pulling up, and I saw the flames on the roof of the building next door.

Which I continued to see, off and on, for at least the next hour. I saw the news reporters here, and I keep waiting for the story to come up on their website. I suppose if it does, I'll have to link it so people can see what the building I don't live in looks like.

Everybody seems to have been alright, which is a good thing, but I'll bet half of the top floor in that building was gutted. At least. And tonight I checked the smoke alarm battery.

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July 11, 2005

I Have A Question

What exactly is a 'war fighter'? And how is this different from 'soldier'?

I want to know.

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