10 January 2006 - Tuesday

Public defender fired for defending Maye?

According to blogger Radley Balko, Cory Maye's appeal lawyer has been fired by the aldermen of the town of Prentiss, Mississippi, where he was public defender.

In the lawyer's words:

Just found out this a.m. that the Town of Prentiss has "decided to go another route" pertaining to my position as town public defender. In other words, they have now made official what was intimated to me back in December and have fired me.

The explicit and sole reason given to me by the mayor was that my representation of Cory Maye was not to the liking of the aldermen. I guess it wasn't to the mayor's liking either since, to the best of my knowledge, he didn't veto their decision. Of course, I have no doubt that it's a politically popular decision among the Caucasians of Prentiss.

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