14 November 2005 - Monday

Reading list

I ran across a link to The Virtual Typewriter Museum yesterday. (MeFi)

Crooked Timber's John Quiggin has been using Google to track different versions of a quotation used frequently in the global warming debate.

Peter Schilling is contemplating "Technology as Epistemology" at Academic Commons.

At Presentation Zen, Garr Reynolds reminds us that PowerPoint slides and handouts are not (supposed to be) the same thing.

Saturday, I passed the campus post office after it had already closed. I discovered in my box the latest issues of American Historical Review and Perspectives, as well as a package notice for a "manila envelope." I waited patiently for the post office to open this morning so that I could see whether the envelope contained my GRE scores or my Oxford UP order. It contained the latter -- Isaiah Berlin's Four Essays on Liberty, expanded significantly. I've been reading it in bits and pieces between classes.

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