22 February 2004 - Sunday

Quotations II

Quotations I

Wheeler: "My husband is dead! My husband is dead!"

Dr. Hood: "Lepidus. Who calls their kid Lepidus?"

Paige: "You have to see the beautiful engraving on my baby."

Moore: "Your movies are like children you're not supposed to talk to."

Corey: "I would make out with a giraffe any day."

Sharpton: "Remind me never to let you have magical powers."

Dr. Hood: "You are one of these paper-freaker-outers."

Wheeler: "Aah! Careful with my Faulkner!"

Moore: "Crap, I have a lot of toes. There are hordes of the little buggers."

Dr. Hood: "I'm going to be a grandmother. My beagle is pregnant."

Dr. Austin: "Scripture says, dance. Do that off-campus, OK?"

Rachel: "Retarded people shouldn't swear."

Wheeler: "There are more intellectual females in Tehran than in Longview. That's so sad."

Jed Z.: "I don't even have a maidservant."

Melby: "Pretend I'm a mute little toad."

Dr. Ghillebaert: "I know people who are so hung up on bread and wine, they don't like to travel."

Anna: "I saw the light flashing in my eyes -- blink, blink, blink."

Wheeler: "Frank Sinatra's song is about getting married. They're all so wonderfully pessimistic."

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