4 July 2005 - Monday


Borrowing an old idea from my cousin, I present a bit of a lark.

The rule is that you must choose one or the other of each pair -- no "both." The reasoning, of course, is up to you. Leave your answers in the comments.

1. Comics or crossword

2. Coffee or tea

3. Dickens or Twain

4. IM or telephone

5. Illuminati or Templars

6. Baseball or soccer

7. Beethoven or Mozart

8. CNN or Fox

9. Town or country

10. Trafalgar or Waterloo

11. Flora or fauna

12. Last Crusade or Lost Ark

13. Hardcover or paperback

14. Pots or pans

15. Dimple or freckles

16. Almonds or pecans

17. Mayonnaise or mustard

18. Lee: guy or girl

19. Aristotle or Plato

20. Pen or pencil

21. Heads or tails

22. Sandals or shoes

23. NASCAR or philately

24. Eliot or Pound

25. Economics or physics

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