27 May 2005 - Friday

Fox U.

At TNR Online, Ross Douthat reacts to the Right's calls for "intellectual diversity" on American campuses:

These lines of attack are defined, above all, by a belief that universities can be diversified from the top down. And this is precisely why it's likely to fail. Understandably but fatally, conservatives are ignoring the example set by the very New Left "tenured radicals" they hope to unseat, which is that real academic change comes through bottom-up infiltration, not attempts at engineering from the top.
Read further here. (Registration? We don't need no stinkin' registration.)

Via Cliopatria's Ralph Luker.

Incidentally, I find extremely bizarre this notion that we should do away with tenure in the name of academic freedom and diversity. Tenure being perhaps the most important protection of controversial views among professors, any call from the Right to eliminate it seems absurd.

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