15 May 2005 - Sunday

History Carnival VIII

The eighth History Carnival is up at Saint Nate's Blog. Its collection includes a few entries I recommended:

Caleb McDaniel's "John Brown and Nonviolence," which takes some book reviewers to task for implying that nonviolent action is inherently less courageous than violent action.

Robert "KC" Johnson's "Iraq and Vietnam," which points out several flaws in analogies between the two.

Stephen Bainbridge's "Prize Money and Agency Costs" and Henry Farrell's "Rum, Sodomy and the Nash," which debate the functions served by the British Navy's institutions in the Napoleonic wars (this discussion was brought on by O'Brian's Aubrey-Maturin novels).

Bulleyah's "The Epic Story of Dastans," which describes a form of literature that seems to have disappeared yet also lingers in the literature we have today.

There are many other excellent entries in this lot.

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