27 April 2005 - Wednesday

Happy survey day

Today I got my first college-level history survey textbook.

See, I discovered during my senior year of high school that the College Board offers a set of exams called "CLEP." With suitably high scores on these exams, I learned, I could get credit for various college courses. I also discovered that these exams are ridiculously easy.

By taking CLEP tests, I managed to get college credit for both semesters of US History and both semesters of Western Civilization. The first history course I actually took in university was a senior-level class. Occasionally I wonder what I missed in those four courses, but I've never regretted avoiding them.

This afternoon, I wandered into a history professor's office to borrow some animal crackers. While I was there, he asked, "You haven't taken any survey classes, have you?"

I replied that I had not.

"Here," he said, opening a package. "You'll probably find it useful to have a survey text on hand for reference -- and I have no other way to dispose of this." He handed me an examination copy of a brand-new US history book. It was a hefty hardback -- easily worth $100 except for the "not for sale" notice on the cover -- still in shrink wrap.

Perhaps I shall add it to my reading list.

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