22 March 2005 - Tuesday

The very witching time of year

So . . . it's course selection time again at LeTourneau University.

For this fall, I have 16 hours lined up (five courses and a one-hour seminar). The history courses on my list are American Foreign Policy and Colonial & Revolutionary America. I would rather remove American Foreign Policy from this slate, though; I'm far better versed in foreign affairs than in a lot of other areas. Unfortunately, Foreign Policy is one of only three upper-level history courses being offered this fall, and I've already taken the one I haven't mentioned here.

There is some hope, however. Before spring break, I asked Dr. Kubricht (the history/political science department chair) whether it is possible to put together an independent-study course--something related to modern intellectual history. This morning, I was assured that Dr. K and Dr. Johnson think it should be possible. They seem to think, however, that it would be a good idea to open the class up to a small group of upper-division history students rather than set it up for independent study. I am highly pleased.

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