13 February 2005 - Sunday

Optimistic outlook

I did my first history grading work last week. Dr. Kubricht had me work on Western Civ II exams, processing Scantron forms and correcting a section of matching questions.

The matching section was alarming; far too many students identified Edmund Burke as a prominent liberal and Goethe as a nationalist rather than a Romantic. A number of students missed every question. Worse was the student who left every matching question blank (she also left two open blanks on the multiple-choice section). I helpfully wrote "guess" on that exam in red ink.

Dr. Johnson informed me that this sort of self-destructive behavior is the reason he lies awake at night.

Meanwhile, at Cliopatria, Jonathan T. Reynolds reviews the results of a map quiz:

We support our troops.. wherever they are. 58% of students placed Iraq properly. For all the Iraq-is-another-Vietnam types, you will be interested to know that nearly half of the incorrect answers for Iraq placed it in Southeast Asia.
I look forward to a wonderful career.

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