May 21, 2009

Where to Put the Prisoners

Alright, this argument has just gotten about as stupid as it could possibly get. Because seriously, are there any politicians currently in office who want to put forth the argument that due process is a bad thing? John Boeher... anyone else? Shut up Ted Stevens, you're not in office anymore.

So what we have now is a series of insipid straw-man arguments designed to be a political hot-potato. It's ridiculous, it's insulting and it behooves the president (who promised to end this sort of partisan idiocy) to do just that.

Did the head of the FBI honestly say that he's afraid of what radical Islamists would do to the Federal Supermax prison population? Seriously? Does he know what the ADX facility is like?

Honestly, are we that afraid of due process? And if we are, why aren't we talking judicial reform rather than "oh no, a terrorist in my back-yard!" And seriously, if I hear one more moronic republican tell me that President Obama is going to set Al-Qaeda operatives loose in my town, I may just forswear the whole party on principle. Especially the orange one.

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May 12, 2009

The New Math

This is vastly entertaining and probably offensive to at least some of my readership. Good times.

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