June 30, 2003

Another Dead Post...

Stupid blogger killed my post, so here's all that I really remember... Oh yeah, and Ballard's back in town.

Disturbed Link of the Day: Richard Sandrak

Days of Living in a Shitty Apartment: 15
Days Until Summer is Over: 54
Days Since it Last Rained : 3

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The Crew is Back...

Well all of the local crew is back again and apparently Anna came back sick. I stopped counting how many times I've been barfed on in my life, but it brings the total within the last year up to two. Wonderful life that I live.

Disturbed Link of the Day: Hero Machine

Days of Living in a Shitty Apartment: 16
Days Until Summer is Over: 53
Days Since it Last Rained : 4

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June 29, 2003

Idiot Termination Plan

Have you looked around you and seen nothing but ignorance and idiocy and been driven to anger? Do you worry that in the over-crowding of the earth, all of the intelligent people are being crowded out like a good flower in a patch of weeds? These are concerns of mine as well, and I have a solution:


It works something like this. At birth, every person will be fitted with a black box that traces where they go and records any sound around them. This data is aggregated along with information from all places of employment, schools, etcetera. At age 18, all of this data is analyzed to determine whether or not someone is an idiot... assuming that they don't do something previous to this to merit instant termination. If they are an idiot, someone worthy gets to kill them.

Right now I'm appointing myself to this task for at least the first 1000 idiots. I'm figuring that there will be two categories of idiots: harmless and painful. Harmless idiots get a bullet to the head. Painful idiots caused undue suffering to the intelligent people around them and thusly are handed over to a worthy individual who has volunteered for the job of killing them.

Support and suggestions are encouraged...

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Best T-Shirt Ever...

Sadly, this t-shirt site is blocked. But if you can get to it, it contains the best t-shirt ever...

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June 28, 2003

Happy People...

Before I spew nails, I would like to point out that Stu is a good friend of mine whom I would only hurt if he came down the hall after me naked and walking on his

That said, Stu has seen fit to incur my wrath by posting his insights which go something to the effect of "The Cynic is a happy person."

Actually, I'm not really mad at Stu, but it felt good to say that. Stu has just chosen to take the words that I use and apply a fundamentally different definition. In his mind, a happy person is merely a person who is fun to have around and generally tends to make you feel better by having them around. I think I'll take that as a compliment. That said, this is hardly my definition of a happy person. Also, to further denote the difference between my rather unconventional definition and the usual, I define my variety of moron as a "Happy People*."

Happy Person (Stu's Definition): A person who tends to make you happy.
Happy Person (average definition): A person of a generally positive demeanor, tending to be jovial
HAPPY PEOPLE*: Someone who chooses to be happy with regards to the world around them and maintains this false happiness by ignoring all negative aspects of said world.

So thanks for the compliment Stu. But call me a Happy People* and I'll stab you with a dull knife, rip your intestines out and manually castrate you with them.

*said, as always, with as much disdain as you can muster. You really ought to hear me do this, I occasionally impress myself with how much disdain I can muster.

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C-4 Shouldn't Meet Freshmen

Incidentally, on more of an FYI note, I met Katy last night and she has the look of an honors wench to her. This should be amusing.

Who the hell introduced her to C-4? Someone should know better than to introduce innocent previewers/freshmen to him. It's a recipe for disaster. It's like handing a person susceptable to addiction over to an experienced crack-head... it just shouldn't be done.

Disturbed Link of the Day: Christian Hedonism

Days of Living in a Shitty Apartment: 14
Days Until Summer is Over: 55
Days Since it Last Rained : 2

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June 27, 2003

I am Agent Smith!

Another of those things where I usually don't post quizzes. But I like the thought of being Agent Smith... it fits somehow.

What Matrix Persona Are You?

You are Agent Smith-

You are Agent Smith, from "The Matrix."
No one would ever want to run into you in a
dark alley. Cold as steel, tough as a rock,
things are your way or the highway.

brought to you by Quizilla

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June 26, 2003


Apparently I am involved in a new summer fiasco. Wondrous... and generally amusing. Sadly, somehow Anna and I are among the last to be told.

I could make generally amusing insights into Sam's love life and educate him on the word "fiasco." But instead, I think I'll just laugh and point out that so far as I know, I'm still in the running for my $5.

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Blogger Update...

Well... I was gonna post last night. However, when I got on, the thing was whining something about updating everyone to the new Blogger. Maybe that means that it won't lose any more of my posts or other screwy things like that.... I hope. It does look nice though, and I wouldn't be annoyed if it hadn't gone and updated when I wanted to post.

Incidentally, it didn't rain yesterday that I know of but today when Gecko and I went outside we were greeted with a deluge. Fun stuff that East Texas Rain...

Oh, and when you check out this great disturbed link of the day, be sure to check out the Nazi Sheep.

Disturbed Link of the Day: Stoned Gecko

Days of Living in a Shitty Apartment: 12
Days Until Summer is Over: 57
Days Since it Last Rained : 0

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June 24, 2003

Too Early

You know it's too early when you go browsing blogs and wonder why that Vengeful Cynic hasn't posted recently... seriously. Every Tuesday for the past 3 weeks, I have remembered why I skipped work every Monday for the past 3 weeks. It sucks, it's long, it's boring and I hate it. But I need the paycheck, so I continue to work.

I'm just doing some quick math and figuring that if I road-trip and bum for roughly a month, that just leaves a month of summer left to agonize through. There's a happy thought. As I've said before, if you want to be included in the road trip, if you have a place for us to stop, if you want to be picked up and leave for school early, let me know. If you're concerned about getting back to school too early and not having a place to stay, we can work with you on that too. I have friends, enemies and neighbors who will be willing to put early arrivals up, especially those whom our friendly Res Life staffers won't let move in.

I usually avoid linking up "disturbed news" for links of the day, but the last line in this article disturbed the hell out of me.

Disturbed Link of the Day: Tongue Forking

Days of Living in a Shitty Apartment: 10
Days Until Summer is Over: 59
Days Since it Last Rained : 2

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Own Software?

I think this pretty much sums up things for myself and some of my friends.

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June 23, 2003

Rangers' Game

I've never had so much fun with pennies in my life. The scene: The Ballpark in Arlington. LeTourneau SummerPLUS students and administrators go to a Rangers vs. Astros game. I have penny projectiles.

My first target is Bri... you've gotta pick on the LU Admissions liar... you've just gotta.

Next up, for a bit of a stretch in my aim, I go for two rows down and about 10 seats over and go head-hunting for the Limey Brit... SCORE! I manage to hit the Brit and graze the penny off of his fiancee while I'm at it. Dunny flips me the bird, ignoring the presence of the children. The children fail to see the act: no harm, no foul.

Next target is Corey. Corey is sitting behind the Brit and Q, another shot, another hit.

Note: up until this point, all of the targets have known that I was the one throwing the pennies... Corey is apparently ignorant to this fact (unbeknownst to me at the time.) As I sit back and scope out more targets, the real fun begins.

Corey, noting that the Brit had been looking around and holding a penny not more than 30 seconds earlier, assumes that Dunny threw said penny at him. Thus, he holds his drink over Dunny's head and attempts to shake a drop of condensation unto the Brit's head. The drop holds on with uncommon tenacity and as Corey works his magic, he manages to pour a good splash of coke (or whatever was in that cup) unto Dunny's head in lieu of the drop. Corey is shocked, Dunny is confused and pissed, Querida is slightly amused and confused, and I am rolling in my chair laughing my ass off. This gets better when Dunny asks Corey why he did this and Corey responds "because you threw that penny at me." I realize that this attack should have been meant for me as Dunny turns, glares and explains. I am nearly in tears from laughter.

Does it end? Nay, it gets better.

Doug and Brent have brought their families (including small sons) to the game. Each (along with Stephen) has a pre-k son. The three boys cavort around, extol the virtues of the Rangers and deride all Astros fans as only pre-pubescants can, "you better stop cheering for them!"

I pelted them with pennies, and again they knew not their benefactor. Doug's boy was pleased and confused, Steve's boy was glad for the penny, and Brent's boy didn't even stop cheering to wonder about the source of said penny. Brent's daughter was also a beneficiary of a penny and she was greatly confused as to its source. Bri and Joy attempted to tell her that I had done it, but I acted confused and pointed her towards Corey. After much convincing and Corey being dumb enough to throw a quarter to the boys, all were convinced that he was at fault.

Prompt me later for more details on this, I am tired and need sleep and am ceasing to make much sense.

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Sleep Makes Me Sane

Sleeping in is good for the soul. I have awaken refreshed and a new and much more sane individual.

Here's some advice for those who are of a similair mindset to myself: avoid spending appreciable amounts of time with wenches. They start to cause you to act like a decent person... very bad if you are a jerk like I am.

People are always referring to me as the bad influence, but I'm not the one who's inducing nice actions. The nerve of some people...

Anyways, off of that odd little diatribe and on to other news of the day.

We are considering doing some random roadtripping in August. If you want to participate in this event of random wandering across the country, let me know. No promises, but if you want to get away from your home or wherever you are a couple of weeks early, get ahold of me now before we make plans of any sort...

Disturbed link of the Day:Tucker Max

Days of Living in a Shitty Apartment: 9
Days Until Summer is Over: 60
Days Since it Last Rained : 1

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June 21, 2003

Don't Go in the Ball Pit

Well... it's Saturday. And I guess that means it's officially time for a "what the hell is going on in the Land of the Cynic" update.

Last night a group of us went over to Chuck-E-Cheese in Tyler. It pretty much blew, I don't reccomend you do the same. The pizza was very good as far as Chuck-E-Cheese goes and actually would merit eating more often if it wasn't both overpriced and located 30 minutes away. The company beat out the food and the lousy selection of crappy games by a long shot. I remembered that I hate the rat maze tubes as much as ever and that the ball pits still stink like pee. All in all, I remembered why I usually avoid Chuck-E-Cheese. On the bright side, we did pool our meager stockpile of tickets (we were even bright enough not to spend more than $10 on tokens between Anna, Crackhead, Stu and I.)

In other news, I've lived in this damned apartment for a week and it's still a mess. I really ought to go clean more stuff up, but I really just can't bring myself to expend the effort. I should, but I just can't seem to motivate myself to do it.

After almost 3 years of staying away from OSes that avail themselves to usage for "alternative means" I am installing Linux again. I tried installing Redhat and it crashed and decided to deactivate my USB ports during the installation, thus leaving me without a keyboard and mouse for an hour or so. Thusly, I have recalled the reason why I had switched over to Debian. Because I'm still a bit rusty, I'm gonna stick with something simple (the only other cds I had around were Mandrake) before going either back to Debian or over to Gentoo. We'll see what happens.

Incidentally, it's down to less than 9 weeks until summer is over. Oh, and I was doing some math and I'm pretty sure we haven't had a totally dry day since moving to these damned apartments. I hate rain.

Disturbed link of the Day:Ouchy The Clown

Days of Living in a Shitty Apartment: 7
Days Until Summer is Over: 62
Days Since it Last Rained : 0

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June 20, 2003

Nuked Another Post!

DAMMIT!!! I nuked another post. If someone has it, let me know.

Orrin Hatch is a hypocritical bastard.

Disturbed link of the Day: Some Typical Egyptians (according to Gecko)

Days of Living in a Shitty Apartment: 6
Days Until Summer is Over: 63

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June 19, 2003

Lemonade Nazis

There's something fundamentally wrong with this. I'm a heartless sadistic bastard, and I wouldn't call the cops on a little girl and her lemonade stand like that. Go see for yourself.

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June 18, 2003

Hello There...

Some wenches I know have noted/been slightly upset about guys' tendancy to do this. I would probably fall into the category of those infrequently guilty of this. Sadly, my problem is usually that a wench has something written on her shirt or something odd on it. I just can't resist reading things. It's like Wisher and shiny objects... my attention is inevitably drawn to them. And thus I'm probably known by at least one wench somewhere as a pervert... go figure. That would be the story of my life.

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Linear Algebra is DEAD!

All I have to say is that Linear Algebra is done. W00T!!!!

Disturbed link of the Day:Man Runs Over Criminals' Car

Days of Living in a Shitty Apartment: 4
Days Until Summer is Over: 65

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Poor Gecko...

I saw this and thought of Gecko.

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June 17, 2003

Be More Careful

Note: the following is only inspired by recent events and is in no way an attack on the perpetrators of said events against the author of this blog. This is intended to be more philosophical than narrative in nature.

The primary tenet of Cynicism is that you can't trust peoples' motives. Further, you can't trust people period. Think about it, from the least to the greatest, just about everyone has been let down or even stabbed in the back by someone they trusted. Even Jesus was betrayed by Judas Iscariot. Granted, Jesus knew this was coming, but that's beside the point. The problem is that you can't trust imperfect people.

You can't trust yourself either, but at least that's more or less something that you manage to screw up on your own. The decisions of other people are more or less completely out of your hands. Thusly, the inherant mistrust of others on the part of the Cynic. He sees what he has done to others, he sees what his friends do to others and he is under no illusion that circumstances somehow uniquely favor him. In the end someone he trusts will betray him, but in order to keep the damage down to a bare minimum, he scrutinizes every motive and every action of every person who professes to treat him kindly.

And sometimes even the Cynics among us are lax and are brought down a few pegs. That's been the case with this Cynic in the past and will continue to be so until the end of time...

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I hate Hillary

I really hate Hillary Clinton. Thus, any wonderful news about her book sucking or general criticisms tend to make me giddy. Hence, the amusement when Rush and Ann Coulter both layed into the former first lady and liberals on a larger scale.

Mmm... nothing like reading about Hillary sucking on my computer that's now working as I contemplate revenge to end off a good break.

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Toasted Post

Apparently I toasted this post. If someone has the old contents or links, email them to me or leave them commented and I'll try to fix it. I really hate Blogger some days.

Days of Living in a Shitty Apartment: 3
Days Until Summer is Over: 66

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Torture Them to Death!

Usually I don't hold to quizzes, especially low-quality ones. In fact, I believe that this is the first one I've linked up... not because of quality (it sucks) or because of most of the options (they suck too), but because the outcome suits me so well...

How would you kill someone

You would make them suffer

brought to you by Quizilla

I might actually stab someone or run them through with a sword, but this is where the true sadist in me comes out...

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June 16, 2003

Don't Trust People

The new computer is up and running after a better part of two days of headaches. At least now, I can enjoy my gig of RAM, new spiffy case and all of that jazz. Now we can clean this apartment up and stuff.

Incidentally, apparently I made the mistake of the summer a week or so back by falling asleep in the John Thomas Lobby. Anna apparently took a picture involving myself, the Judge and a smiley face. The worst part is that as I was lying there tired, I SPECIFICALLY REMEMBER wondering if falling asleep was a good idea and glancing around and figuring that Anna and Gecko wouldn't let anyone screw with me while I was asleep. Gecko was asleep for most of the time, so I guess I can't fault him for most of what went on and he did retreive the stolen Judge.

I'm probably just making a big deal of nothing and I haven't seen the pictures myself, but it's one of those things that I rarely let my guard down as a cynic and now I feel like an idiot for doing so and am ashamed for not abiding by my own standards. If you're going to preach a philosophy, stick with it or you'll be mad at yourself when you don't. And that's the Cynic's lesson for the day.

Screwy Link of The Day: Toilet

Days of Living in a Shitty Apartment: 2
Days Until Summer is Over: 67

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June 15, 2003

Out of the Dorms!

We Are Out of the Shitty Dorm

Sadly, this marks but another chapter in the passing of the summer that is coming to be known as "not as shitty as last summer, but not great either." Instead of the Shitty Dorm, whose days occupied is finalized at 38, we are now in the Shitty Apartment. All in all, life is good though as I sit here preparing to set up my new computer. But alas, I am a lazy bastard so there will be no link of the day until tomorrow and no blow-by-blows about relationships that aren't.

No More Stupid Fire Alarms!!!
Days of Living in a Shitty Apartment: 1
Days Until Summer is Over: 68

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June 12, 2003

Just Wrong...

Here's a comic that I figured would probably rank as all kinds of wrong and hurt the minds of the weak among you. In fact, I figured it probably shouldn't be posted as such. Therefore, I warn you here that it's not graphically offensive, but it might hurt your little brains. Oh yeah, and it's from S*P...

Posted by Vengeful Cynic at 09:40 AM

On Children...

After discussions with Lisl about children, comics like this always seem appropriate.

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Have you ever hated someone's presence? You just wish with every bone in your body that they would stand up and go away but they won't. I have a couple of those. I really just wish they would leave and never come back. Some have, most haven't and more come in every year.

I hope I'm not like that to anyone and am just oblivious to the fact that my presence is painful. I know that I pride myself in making sure that people that I hate being around have a strong negative vibe. I would hope that I'm not that oblivious if someone were to want me to get the hell away.

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June 11, 2003

Go See Moore...

As for the daily update, apparently I have forgotten to link up Moore... sorry about that. He's taken to posting every now and again in Spanish, so I'm going to have to administer a beating over that when he gets back.

Screwy link of the day: Dancing Paul

Days Since Last Fire Alarm: 3
Days of Living in a Shitty Dorm: 35
Days Until Summer is Over: 72

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Software Piracy is Ethical?

Well, summer is nice. Not that I really do any more, but I'm working and getting payed for it. Beyond that, I'm also only taking one class and thusly doing far less homework. This frees up more time for me to go get on Gaia and discuss complex topics with simple minds and berate them duly.

Here's a sample conversation I had with an idiot to encourage you to come help me in the good fight. The italicized was written by an idiot with the user name of Kwai. The grey is my response.

I think the question arises, is it stealing? No, it's sharing. It is no more a crime to share my $500 software than it is to share my $5 comic books.

Someone's trying to salve his conscience

The net is just a large sharing place for information and that is what software is. This is not about piracy it is about companys adapting to a flux in supply and demand. There is more supply of software because more people are sharing it and thus we want less. Come on look at how inefficient we are; we buy a book, we read it, and what do we do? We leave it to gather dust. So we put it to good use, give it to the public library, they know how to use a little bit of information quicker. Is my library a criminal for sharing? How different is the net from a library? Not much! Well, if sharing software is a crime, they it's time to close down the public library cause they share software, movies, music and books. And I don't see why these things can't be all on the net, free to distribute and use by everyone.

Umm... about that. There's this fundamental difference involved with books to the effect that everyone can't be using a book at once. Further, if a library buys a book and 20 people read it, the author still gets compensation and there is a greater likelihood that one of those readers will either buy the book at a later date or buy a book by that same author. The equivalent of what you're talking about would be running photo-copies of a book for 1,000 people.

You display a fundamental ignorance in the realm of economics bordering on criminal stupidity. It needs to be realized that your POS comic books can be cranked out at a dime a dozen. Software requires years of development with hundreds of developers. The enormous overhead is substantially more than the money required to write a comic book plot, draw it and ink it. Thus, software updates are released annually or every other year while comic books abound by the dozens and most shitty authors can manage to do numerous ones.

Controling the use of any of these forms of human ideas on the net for the sake of greed of some company, is in it's essence Nazi reminicent.

Oh no, he just brought out the Nazis. *throws up hands in defeat*

I hate you Kwai. I hate the fact that you are a moron and you don't know it. And I hate the fact that I am irresistably compelled to respond to your idiocy with logic. Mostly, I hate the fact that this will do nothing to dispel your idiocy and you will continue on in your foolish ways.

So there you have it. The actual thread is here, if you want to read the even higher-quality repartee that followed.

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June 10, 2003

Blogger is Beating Me!

Guh... Blogger keeps eating things. Anyways, sorry for not posting yesterday. I guess I'm just not on it like I should be.

Disturbed link of the day: Khai

Days Since Last Fire Alarm: 2
Days of Living in a Shitty Dorm: 34
Days Until Summer is Over: 73

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June 09, 2003

Shannon's Literary Mess

Shannon's Literary Train Wreck... wow... my eyes hurt.

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June 08, 2003

Everything is Broken!

I hate it when blogger FUBARS. I wanted to whine about the fire alarms at 3 am, but it wouldn't work. As is, I've been insulting idiots on Gaia at a fairly regular clip. If you want to abuse them too, go ahead and get on. I'm Vengeful Cynic, the Brit is on as well... as is Shem.

Here's a link to the dissident frogman, where you will find good conservative commentary and a very well-done cinematic clip on the war in Iraq.

Screwy link of the day: Khai

Days Since Last Fire Alarm: 0
Days of Living in a Shitty Dorm: 32
Days Until Summer is Over: 75

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Two Fire Alarms!

Two fire alarms this morning. 3 am and 3:30 am. Damned busted fire alarms.

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June 07, 2003

Make Better Cars

As much as I love to hate yuppie organizations, I have to admit that the Sierra Club has a point with this advertisement. That said, I fully respect your right to drive a gas-guzzler if you feel like it. The point is just that someone realy ought to be trying harder to make more fuel-efficient SUV's along with cars. Screw the environmental issues, I'm concerned more about the economics and the dependence on the Middle East that a giant national oil need engenders.

Screwy link of the day: Bicepmania

Days Since Last Fire Alarm: 4
Days of Living in a Shitty Dorm: 31
Days Until Summer is Over: 76

Posted by Vengeful Cynic at 11:38 AM

Got Photo ID?

Looks like that nutty convert to Islam from Florida has to take off her veil for the camera to get her driver's license back. Am I the only one out here who thinks the case for this was completely absurd? Think about the sheer number of people whom I could impersonate if the only thing we had on our photo ID's was a pair of eyes. Not to mention those of you who are of normal stature. What good is a photo id if the photo serves no purpose. Hell, why not sue them for the right to put your pet's photo on the ID while you're at it?

I can almost see a shred of validity in not wanting to get the picture taken on religious grounds, if you weren't already toting around a criminal record. If child welfare workers have deemed you unfit to raise children and have taken yours from you, that is a problem. Even bigger than this (though the ACLU adamantly denies this is a valid concern) is the fact that this ruling sets a precedent. Thankfully, it sets a good one rather than allowing one to essentially not have a picture on a valid picture id. Hey Wilson, wanna play identity swap?

Incidentally, here's a list of ID rules in several Muslim countries relating to driver's licenses:

Saudi Arabia: Women aren`t allowed to drive
Iran: Women wear a traditional chador, which does not cover the face.
Egypt: Women do not cover their face in I.D. pictures
United Arab Emirates: Women do not cover their face in I.D. pictures
Oman: Women do not cover their face in I.D. pictures
Kuwait: Women do not cover their face in I.D. pictures
Qatar: Women do not cover their face in I.D. pictures
Bahrain: Women do not cover their face in I.D. pictures
Jordan: Women can drive if their faces are covered but do not cover their face in I.D. pictures

Short of the Saudi Arabian solution, I'm guessing we're not exactly breaking with any Muslim countries. Not that I wouldn't accept the Saudi solution, mind you...

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June 06, 2003

Saved for Posterity!

It's the weekend and Steve (the RD) said he's going to try and put off our move to the end of the 6-week term. I'm giving serious thought to getting some webspace and setting up a full-blown page along with a redesign. I want somewhere to store all of the pictures that I link up so that I can guarantee where they'll be and that I'll have them for posterity.

Screwy link of the day: More Strangeness (thanks Dunny)

Days Since Last Fire Alarm: 3
Days of Living in a Shitty Dorm: 30
Days Until Summer is Over: 77

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I Want This Job!

I want his job.

And Gecko wishes he was friends with this crab.

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June 05, 2003

I Hate Res-Life Some Days...

The Cynic Will Exact Vengeance Upon: Res-Life Buffoonery

I'm not sure where this is coming from in the heirarchy (and I intend to find out) but it would appear that ResLife is going to try and make us move out on a day or two notice down to the apartments at some point within the next week. The best part of this is that the announcement is coming down as all of the RD's and Doug are off at some conference. More to come as I get information...

Screwy link of the day: Pointless Amusement (thanks Dang)

Days Since Last Fire Alarm: 2
Days of Living in a Shitty Dorm: 29
Days Until Summer is Over: 78

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Stupid protester...

Stupid protester. Either that, or a clever attempt to get a date.

Update: I've gotten several people asking me "Is that a girl or a guy?" I don't know... I guess it's just a Pat.

Posted by Vengeful Cynic at 03:44 AM

Anti-Terror Legislation

The Cynic Will Exact Vengeance Upon: Attempts to Create a Police State

Alright, I love John Ashcroft as much or more than the next guy. That said, this disturbs me more than a little.

The Patriot Act's vacating of significant safeguards against the government's abuse of private citizens disturbed me enough. Now they want to allow indefinite imprisonment and the ability to pursue the death penalty for "acts of terrorism?" Does anyone else smell a New York City Sewer Rat the size of a school bus?

I share the mindset of most Americans in the desire not to be terrorized. However, I think that desire extends to my government. If Congress passes this garbage and the Supremes sit idly by, we could be in for some real trouble.

Posted by Vengeful Cynic at 03:40 AM

June 04, 2003

On MRS Majors...

"Any MRS major who fails to graduate LU with a man deserves an F for effort." - Wilson

"Just remember, I don't think they let you MRS majors graduate without a man. It would be like graduating engineers without making them take math... you'd be sending them out unprepared and setting them up for failure." - me

You know how much we all love the MRS majors around here.

Screwy link of the day: 0100101110101101

Days Since Last Fire Alarm: 1
Days of Living in a Shitty Dorm: 28
Days Until Summer is Over: 79

Posted by Vengeful Cynic at 11:43 AM

Martha Stewart Indicted!

Martha Stewart Indicted!

Posted by Vengeful Cynic at 01:00 AM

June 03, 2003

Promises, Promises

Ardith is making a heartfelt and piteous plea for helpers to do her dirty work. Go read about it and tell me what you think.

Oh, on the topic of Dune and the Herbert Family... I agree with you C-4, Brian should have never been allowed to pervert Frank's work. They should have gone and found real talent to do the writing and let that be that.

And of other great amusement is the fact that Anna seems to be affronted and upset by my referring to her "MRS Major" as such.

I guess the long and short of this is that I seem to be upsetting the whole world. If anyone is uspet to the point of wanting to react, you should know where I am. But while you're waiting, check out Dunny's look at LU blocking Christian blogs. Way to go IT.

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More Fire Alarms and a CD

Well damn, apparently the fire alarm went off today. I was two seconds from posting an erroneous number.

I got my cd from Dang. It's even fairly well done. I'm impressed.

There are several things knocking around in my head that I could post on, but seeing as none of them are developed to the point where the benefit exceeds the danger imposed by angering various individuals, I'll refrain for now. Oh, just as an aside, listen to Italian Leather Sofa by Cake. It's on the Fashion Nugget album. If you happen to be in Longview and come by my room, I just might play it for you if you ask nicely. We'll see.

Screwy link of the day: Cat Prin

Days Since Last Fire Alarm: 0
Days of Living in a Shitty Dorm: 27
Days Until Summer is Over: 80

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June 02, 2003

Dressing Up Animals...

Glad to see that S*P agrees with me on the whole dressing animals up thing.

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Flying Fun...

Well, I'm back. My flight left at 6:25 am this morning. Now let me do some quick math to help you understand what this means in practical terms. 6:25 am translates to 6 am to board. The airport is roughly 45 minutes away from my house plus an assumed 15 minutes to stand in line. That means I leave my house at 5 am. Now if I get up to get a bit of breakfast, pack and wake up, I get up at 4 am. Now let's also realize that this is EST as opposed to local time which is CST. So effectively, I've been up since 3 am... and it sucks.

Anyways, being at home was good times. I went and got Skyline and White Castle with good friends. I also got to go to church with my mom and brothers and see all of my good friends from there. I also got to go to my brother's graduation and party, so all in all it was a great experience. My only regret is that I wasn't able to stay as long as I would have liked. I guess this will make me look forward to going home later this summer as opposed to being upset about going home, so that's good. I was going to write more about it and give a more in-depth report... but I'm feeling lazy. More later...

Screwy link of the day: Black People Love Us

Days Since Last Fire Alarm: 3
Days of Living in a Shitty Dorm: 26
Days Until Summer is Over: 81

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Fun for Everyone

Here's something for the crackhead...

The Gecko Man

And here's something to get Sam in trouble...

"Stupid thing to assume for the day, your woman will understand." - Sam Daimwood

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June 01, 2003

Good Times in Ohio...

It's been fairly good times to be home in Ohio. I've seen a lot of my good friends over the course of the last day and a half. I keep forgetting the reasons that I really do enjoy being home and just tend to focus on the reasons why I really don't want to come back. It's been too short of a time, but I guess the purpose of making me want to come back later this summer has been established. I'm also contemplating a road trip later in June to the Universal Event.

In any case, I have a new screwy link of the day, but I'm unsure if it's blocked. I guess I'll find out...

Screwy link of the day: Happy Tree Friends (everyone agrees it's twisted)

Days Since Last Fire Alarm: *ON VACATION*
Days of Living in a Shitty Dorm: *ON VACATION*
Days Until Summer is Over: 82

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