April 14, 2008


Really? Are you kidding me?

Look... I'm not saying that I've even come close to making my mind up about November... which is good, given that the field isn't set yet... but I'm with Jon Stewart on this one: I want an elitist president.

Honestly, I think that the talking heads and the 24-hour news networks are so desperate for something, anything to keep this campaign going that they're really the ones attempting to turn this thing into an issue. And Hillary? Of COURSE she's playing this... this is her lifeline and even if it turns out to be an anaconda, it's better to try holding on to this than end up drowning without anything to hold her afloat.

As for McCain... well, I'll address his issues later, because as a life-long Republican, I'd like to address that at a good bit more length. But suffice it to say that I really think that everyone has something better to be paying attention to... like, I don't know, the real issues in play. If we're arguing over which candidate is the most elitist, I think we're missing something.

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