July 23, 2006

Meme Thievery

Courtesy of Wilson, who got it from some bloke named Jared who is apparently not our Jared. Oddly enough, he is also a Wilson, but not our Wilson. The viral distribution path of memes always confuses the hell out of me. Anyways.

A movie that made you cry

I really don't cry... though if I did, I think Life is Beautiful and The Notebook would have done it.

A movie that scared you

I hate "scary movies" that use the cheap gotcha to make you jump. Yes, I have tightly-wound nerves... but does it really count if I know it's coming and am counting down the moments until I jerk up of no accord of my own? I really can't recall having been scared by a movie... but, there was apparently a documentary on wolves that my parents watched while I was a young child that scared the piss out of me so much that I had recurring nightmares from as early as I can recall until 2nd or 3rd grade. Oddly enough, I can remember nothing of the documentary, just the bizarre dreamscape cubist abstraction of a monochrome black dog with cartoonish black and white eyes. Still kinda creepy.

A movie that made you laugh

The Producers is the most recent favorite... all-time champion probably has to go to punch-drunk laughter courtesy of UHF. In my opinion, the best comedy on my list has to be Blues Brothers, though.

A movie that disgusted you

Wilde. Damn you, Wheeler.

A movie you loved in elementary school

Petes' Dragon... though that was pre-school. I suppose Star Wars would be elementary school. (I've loved that movie since I can remember...)

A movie you loved in middle school

Monty Python and the Holy Grail (this continued on well after middle school)

A movie you loved in high school

I watched so many awful movies in high school... probably 90% of the crappy movies I've seen date to this time. That said, there were some gems, like The Godfather, which probably takes the crown.

A movie you loved in college

Casablanca. I'd seen it once or twice growing up... but I really didn't fall in love with it until college. I first saw Boondock Saints in college... which is probably my favorite non-classic dating from that period.

A movie that challenged your identity or your faith

Casablanca. I think that I can identify a lot with Rick... probably too much. The Bicycle Thief is another one of those tragic realisms that I loved for showing the darker side of reality.

A series that you love

Star Wars, episodes 4, 5, and 6.

Your favorite horror

I pretty much hate horror as a genre... but Hitchcock's psychological thrillers are good stuff... so I guess I'll toss them in here as they're all you're going to get me to watch by way of "horror."

Your favorite science-fiction

The Matrix... already got Star Wars.

Your favorite fantasy

The Lord of the Rings. Harry Potter is a distant second.

Your favorite mystery

Does Twelve Angry Men count?

Your favorite biography

Citizen Kane. Yes, I know, it's not quite a biography... but it works for me.

Your favorite coming-of-age

Gotta go with The Graduate. Partial credit to the Tin Drum... *snickers*

Your favorite not on this list

So many choices. Too many choices. Fiddler on the Roof, I reckon.

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