October 04, 2005


Upon linking up MoM Gullman and Paige's Mom (I'm not sure what to even call her... Mrs. Garner seems too formal and calling peoples' moms by their first names doesn't work either) I have realized that I lack clever (read: subtly insulting) names for their links.

Thus, I am forced into the unhappy solution of straightforward links... a solution I hope to rectify. This forces one of two solutions:
1) Their progeny must say entertaining things about them, (embarassing stories are allowed) and I will use such entertaining quotations to craft meaningful link titles.
2) Other people must say entertaining things about them, (embarassing stories still allowed) and I will judge and declare the worthiest anecdote, quip, joke, pun, or other amusement to be the winner.

As a matter of fact, I shall combine the two groups... and declare the "Mock Your Mom" contest.

The rules are simple: don't offend the Cynic, amuse him instead. The four winners (let's not leave the other mothers out) will receive a care package of my choosing. I take no responsibility for those who may potentially be disowned or removed from the family will: you participate at your own risk. Submittor beware.

Hey Moore, FOOD.

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