July 29, 2004

Rudely Awakened...

There was just a whisper of light breathing through the dark windows, so it must have been about 6 a.m. I was absently smiling and congratulating myself that the temperature had just reached the point that my blanket would be comfortable. Thus, I grasped in idle happiness at my comforter and made some half-hearted gestures to tug it from where it was wedged on the bedside and thus benefit from the joy of a bit of added warmth. Bear with me, the details are fuzzy and rather abstract up until this point.

All of a sudden I heard a small grunt and felt the entire bed shake, followed almost immediately by a thud and a crash on the floor. Leaning over the edge of my bunk, I saw Jared dangling from his bed below, feet still tangled in sheets and looking a tad dazed on the floor.

"Hey Jared, are you okay?" I asked, attempting compassion.

"Uh... yeah..." Jared replied, stumbling to his feet and turning on the desk lamp.

That bit of courtesy aside, I began cracking up laughing. It was early, and Jared had just fallen from bed. Considering the hour, it's a miracle I didn't fall out fo bed myself.

"Ah! It was that damned blanket of yours! I thought it was a rodent crawling on my back!" Jared accused.

I laughed harder as Jared sullenly killed the light and crawled back into bed. That was worth being drawn awake for.

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