January 12, 2004


So with Ardith's help, it was determined that MT's instructions for importing old Blogger entries suck. It boils down to they want you to get all of the stuff from your old blog into a specific format that doesn't include line break tags but carriage returns. Long story short, you either just copy the text from your page, paste it and import from that, or you have to take your page, run it through a word processor, and search-replace all of the break tags with carriage returns: a huge pain in the ass.

But I've got it done now and I'm in the process of going through and editing the arbitrary carriage returns that ended up in my posts through the process, and once I've got all of that nonsense done, I publish the page. It's a lot of work, but it does beat the hell out of copy-pasting the whole mess. I guess I ought to submit a "feature request" to the Movable Type people to see if they won't at least clarify their documentation or update their import parser.

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