April 02, 2003


The Cynic Will Exact Vengeance Upon: The Registrar

What if you had a job that required you to do real work less than 20% of the school year? What if you really didn't even have to help the people whom it's your job to help during that 20% of the time because you could just be an idiot and make them do most of the work for you? Why, you'd be in the office of the LeTourneau Registrar.

Why can't someone get transfer documents from the registrar without legal threats? How about a transcript or financial aid info transferred to another school? Is there any good reason why when we don't use a "LeTourneau Sanctioned Form" to select courses or forget one of the 2 unique id codes for a class, they return it to us? Can they not do a little bit of work for us or cross-reference one code from the other? Has anyone ever wondered why we have to take our course registration forms to the room registration after the registrar processes them? Wouldn't it just be easier for the registrar to publish a list of people who have already registered for classes and payed the deposit and give it to the RD's on room registration days? The examples of laziness roll on...

And why can't they just hold on to your course registration form and send you a note in your CPO telling you to submit your $100 deposit when you forget? Instead you have to resubmit the registration form after tearing off the stupid piece of paper that they staple unto it and highlight. Again, an example of the registrar being lazy. It's a shame when your job only requires real effort 20% of the time and it's a bigger shame when you're not even willing to go the distance when the effort is required.

Way to go Registrar and Company.

Posted by Vengeful Cynic at April 2, 2003 02:12 AM