April 10, 2003

The Peace Corps?

The Cynic Will Exact Vengeance Upon: People Who Ask for Advice and Ignore it

Since when do I give advice? I try to avoid it... because then when people take it and it backfires, I'm to blame. You'll rarely find my giving advice short of what road to turn on to get where we're going. I really prefer not to incriminate

So when I end up giving advice, I do it only under a great deal of duress. If someone wants my advice, they're going to have to pester me about it... especially if the situation is highly volatile. And as can be expected, when I give this advice, it had better at least be considered. And if I'm going to the effort of giving it and you don't like it, tell me about it. After all, you've spent all of the time talking me into giving advice, I'd at least like to know why I'm wrong.

So when you tell me that you're having problems and ignore my advice and join the Peace Corps instead, that tends to piss me off. Especially if all I get is a freaking postcard to tell me what ended up happening.

I'm going to kick someone's ass when they get home... and she knows who she is. I might have to break my rules on hitting women, but this is a valid exception. Either that or I'll have someone else do it for me...

Posted by Vengeful Cynic at April 10, 2003 12:39 PM