November 05, 2003

That "Matrix" Thing

Well, I really did it this time. Yup, I really did it. Oh, it was nothing bad, depending on your definition of bad. I went to see The Matrix Revolutions.

My assessment: "Eye candy . . . yummmmmmmmm." *Said with large eyes, suitably glazed over, and a large, happy smile on your face.*

No spoilers . . . not because I don't want to spoil it for you, but because there's just no point. You'll see it, or not. You'll like it, or not. Or, like me, you'll recognize what it is and just generally be entertained. My favorite quote from the movie:

"Cookies need love, just like everything else."

Heck, yeah! I want all of you, right now, wherever you are, to share the love. Eat a cookie. I was reminded of Senator's speech yesterday on the many and varied benefits of eating a cookie. Good stuff.

Well, in a surprising turn of events, more stuff happened to me today, and I did more stuff as well . . . Kinda like everyday. I'm just the kind of person that stuff happens to, and that does stuff. I guess some would call it my defining characteristic. But probably not, since it's kind of common for that to be the case with just about everyone. Actually, today's stuff isn't worth staying up and writing about. Unless you just want me to so that I won't get any sleep so that the last post can have a sequel . . . Not gonna do it. Not . . . gonna . . . do it.

Good night, y'all.

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