May 05, 2003

My Exciting Life

Well, I've been alone at the house almost all day now. My mother woke me up at 11 to tell me she was leaving for work, and my dad left sometime around 6 or 7. Too bad once I get my job I probably won't be able to sleep in any more. Stupid real world.

Anyway, I've done practically nothing all day. I went to eat with my grandfather around one o'clock, but after that he needed to go pay some guy for some timber or somthing. We don't really have that much in common, but I try to spend time with him anyway. Do you have any relatives who, no matter how hard you try to listen, they almost always cause you to start daydreaming? I try to listen to him speak, but it is like trying to swim with cement shoes. No matter what I do, I almost always go under. However, he either doesn't notice or doesn't care.

Still don't know about the job I want. Mark, before you say anything, I'm working on getting the job. I should know relatively soon whether or not I'm getting it, so shut up already.

I also went with my mother yesterday to see X-Men 2. She wanted to see it and my dad didn't want to go (he was tired), so I went with her. I noticed a few things which improved my opinion of the movie. I'm not going to say anything because I don't want to spoil the movie for anyone who hasn't seen it.

Posted by Randy at May 5, 2003 05:29 PM