September 01, 2003


As I was sitting on the floor next to the side wall of the assembly building during chapel today, I took my spiral notebook out of my backpack and wrote down my thoughts. I will share them and then add to them.

What I wrote during chapel (slightly edited):
"Ok, so after waiting in line for over five minutes to scan in my card for the 'new and improved' way to get chapel credit, I walk into the assembly building and discover that the short worship section of chapel had already started. Naturally, since I arrived so 'late' from Circuits to get in line for chapel I could not find an open seat anywhere near me. So I went and leaned against the wall, waiting until the two remaining worship songs concluded. Dr. Carl then started his chapel by sharing a 'totally unrelated' list he thought was funny. (Loose quote) 'If a person's excuses about not going to church--or chapel [insert glare at audience]--were applied to other things.' His actual chapel is yet another rendition of the 'fruitful vine' service. If you have heard it once you have heard it a thousand times. I don't yet know how the line to leave chapel will look like, but it should at least be interesting."

What I want to add:
The line to get out of chapel was as long time-wise (for me anyway) as the one to get in it. I'm still not sure how that worked out since I was sitting in the back this time. I really hope that they get better at this and that Circuits will be dismissed a bit earlier than it has been recently. I don't like sitting on concrete.

Posted by Randy at September 1, 2003 05:46 PM