September 29, 2008

An Iowa Adventure

Ok, so maybe we didn't vanquish any supervillians or rescue any whales, but the journey Sharon and I took to Iowa this past weekend was highlighted by a feat of taste: pork ribs at the Irish Democrat.

This bar and food joint was flavorful in more ways then one, and I kept half expecting to see Wilson or Wheeler. But I am digressing from my account of the weekend...

Sharon and I set out after work on Friday, our four and a half hour trip joyously soundtracked by Tally Hall's Banana Man. After a brief experience at the Worst Exit In Existence, we eventually arrived at the Ice House. While the new abode of Scholl and Anna has many great properties (ie. it's well-stocked fridge), it was itself not unlike a Canadian province in climate.

Fortunately Ice Cave history was preserved and numerous coverings were available for those less acclimated. General merriment was had by all, and plans were laid to do very little and enjoy it even more.

Saturday morning dawned with Moore hungry and in search of Donuts. With minor prompting Scholl shortly joined an excursion, with delicious (and coconut-clad) results. Further festivities involved card games in which a Scholl-directed swarm of zombies conquered all comers.

From this death-defying diversion we proceeded to the aforementioned Democrat to devour delicious dishes of demonstrable delectableness. We were joined by Clint in this endeavor, although we nearly lost him on the return to the Scholl's. The afternoon passed in pleasant conversation until the appointed hour arrived and we departed to see the true reason for our entire junket.

A brief stop at Papa Murphy's (pizza creators par excellence) did not long delay us in our arrival at the Scott's. We were greeted by the entire Scott Family (now a certifiable tribe) as well and Caleb and Morgan.

The new arrivals were small, cute, quiet, and burped gently when stroked (the babies, not the Moores). They also had a great deal of hair (again, the babies). Pictures should be forthcoming once I figure out how to unload my camera. The mother seemed in good spirits. Scott particularly stood out as an extremely tender father. Kaylee and Wren seemed more interested in eating then seeing Sharon and I, but I can hardly blame them for their peerless priorities. If I have my names right, Kaylee was already exhibiting tendencies of exuberant engagement, while Wren sought peace and quiet. They were extremely awesome (and so was the Papa Murphy's Pizza we proceeded to eat.)

We said our goodbyes before it got too late, and headed back to the Scholl's. Sunday, after a lunch with our gracious hosts and Ardith and a very large black spider, we set out for Milwaukee.

That's our weekend adventure. Don't miss next weekend's adventure: Leatherwood comes to Milwaukee! Standing room only. Must be 18 or older, or accompanied by an adult.

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September 03, 2008

Moore Projects

It wouldn't be another week if I hadn't been working on another coding project of fun.
This time, its a method to play the popular (read "geeky") card game of Magic via telnet.
I've created a little program which, when started on a Linux computer, allows anyone to remotely connect, chat, create decks, and play games of any size. So whether you want to test a new deck idea solo or host a 8-way multi-player game, all the cards and most of the functionality is here.

Sure, its all text-based, but thanks to some fun caching tricks this isn't so much a limitation as a "feature". What true coder wouldn't rather stare at text instead of a garish UI?

If you non-coders are lucky, I'll write a graphical front end for it too! You can check it out here on sourceforge

You can see a screenshot of it going below the fold.

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Software Review

So I was thinking about my recent program, and realized I really should make an effort to test it for bugs and functionality outside of the usual as-you-go methods.

Hence, I shall soon commence on my software review, expect a report on it soon!

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Software Review Analysis

I sat down to begin my software review, and realized I didn't really know what I was testing for and against. How can I adequately test my software, if I don't have a organized method of running tests? So, I shall first write up a document analyzing the methods I should use to review my software.

This software review analysis document should streamline my software review methods, allowing me to quickly and efficiently review my tests and consequently test my software.

Posted by Moore at 02:03 PM

Software Review Analysis Procedures

Eager to get started improving my program, I sat down to start the analysis of my software review tests. Once I complete the analysis, I can test and get down to making my programs faster and more efficient!

However, much to my surprise, I realized that I can't really analyze my software tests without establishing a procedure by which all software test analysis' can be done. Hence I shall first write up a Software Review Analysis Procedure, thus facilitating the rapid and efficient analysis of my tests for my software.

I can't wait to get started!!!

Posted by Moore at 01:06 PM

Software Review Analysis Procedure Change Matrix Preparation

I'm so excited get working on my new program again!

So I set out to create change matrices of the differences in software analysis procedures, but realized, to my utter horror, that I hadn't adequately defined the preparations necessary for beginning a Software Review Procedure Change Matrix* (SRPCM)!!! If I am create SRPCM's quickly and effectively, a careful list of preparations and accompanying checklists should first be prepared.

After all, rapid and efficient application development is the GOAL, and without suitable preparation my SRPCM's would lack the streamlined approach that I apply to all my endeavors here on Moore Musings.

Naturally, a bold, innovative, and practical programmer like myself wouldn't dream of starting testing my software without a test review and its requisite analysis and its necessary procedure, and of course the associated change matrix.

However, I'm feeling rather worn out at the moment with all this planning, and I think I'll just release my software As-Is. Software development is just too much work...

*Software Review Procedure Change Matrix creation is outlined in SRPCM-TC 012, which has been accidentally deleted.

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