August 28, 2007

Marketing at ND

Marketing is alive and well at Notre Dame, as this student-created poster to engender aid at the North Dining Hall shows.
Could YOU pass up this job, knowing our country depends on you?

Posted by Moore at 11:26 AM

August 04, 2007

Moore Movies and such

So Sharon and I have just acquired NetFlix, and we have an agreement as such: she fills the queue, I utilize the streaming "watch now" allowance.
The trouble is: the list of streamable films is slightly erratic and not entirely dependable to contain reliable films.
If you consider yourself an avid (or even moderate) filmgoer, and have your own netflix account, I would appreciate any useful, interesting films you would reccomend from the Watch Now list.
Otherwise I'll be watching all of Yes Minister and start talking funny...

Posted by Moore at 09:15 PM

August 01, 2007

Special 404's

Sometimes you hit a "page not found" on the internet, and instead of being painful, its fun and enlightening.
Just now whilst searching for nefarious network information, I ran into this page, and was quite amused. Tech-savvy and fuzzy studies alike will enjoy this message, I think.
Be sure to read the suggestions for further action.

For more information on 404, read here.

Have you ever run into a fun 404 error? Post a link!

Posted by Moore at 02:04 PM