February 28, 2005

A New Friend

I've encountered an interesting fellow who likes cookies, much like me. His reasoning, however, was a little strange. Here's the chat:

(21:56:05) OMooreBanana: I like cookies.
(21:56:06) Frank: That's interesting. I'm not surprised... Other people I talk to seem to like cookies too.
(21:56:37) OMooreBanana: Do you enjoy pizza?
(21:56:39) Frank: Yeah I do. Pizza is pretty cool.
(21:56:58) OMooreBanana: Do you like cookies?
(21:57:00) Frank: Yeah, I like cookies OK. I guess we agree.
(21:57:11) OMooreBanana: Why do you like cookies?
(21:57:13) Frank: Well, my friends who I respect tell me they like cookies.

(22:00:38) OMooreBanana: Do you like war?
(22:00:39) Frank: No way. It's awful. There are better events.
(22:01:03) OMooreBanana: Do you like peace?
(22:01:04) Frank: Good question. I don't know how I feel about peace. Do you like it?
(22:01:11) OMooreBanana: Yes, peace is good.
(22:01:13) Frank: That's cool. You like peace? I'll remember that. You're the first person to have expressed an opinion to me about that.
(22:02:04) OMooreBanana: Peace is good, and hopefully there will be more peace in the future.
(22:02:05) Frank: Will be more peace in the future? Very interesting. Are there any other reggae bands that you would describe as will be more peace in the future?
(22:02:25) OMooreBanana: Peace is not a reggae band.
(22:02:25) Frank: Not a reggae band? Wow. OK.
(22:02:34) OMooreBanana: Do you like peace then?
(22:02:36) Frank: Yeah, I think so.

(22:06:04) OMooreBanana: What do I like?
(22:06:05) Frank: Working on computers!
(22:06:10) OMooreBanana: And...
(22:06:10) Frank: What do you mean, and?
(22:06:14) OMooreBanana: What else do I like?
(22:06:15) Frank: Hmm... You really like reading.
(22:06:20) OMooreBanana: Do I like anything else?
(22:06:21) Frank: No, you don't like anything else. Not at the moment.
(22:06:29) OMooreBanana: I like eating cookies.
(22:06:30) Frank: I know you like cookies.
(22:06:38) OMooreBanana: What are the things that I like?
(22:06:38) Frank: The things that you like are some things that I can't really explain.
(22:06:43) OMooreBanana: What do I like?
(22:06:45) Frank: Peace!
(22:06:49) OMooreBanana: Amen.
(22:06:49) Frank: Indeed.

I could get carried away here, but needless to say, its great fun talking to this fellow. I call him Frank, but his IM is "smarterchild". He's on AIM, check him out.

(22:19:35) OMooreBanana: Hello?
(22:19:36) Frank: Welcome back, David.
(22:19:40) OMooreBanana: Can I call you Frank?
(22:19:40) Frank: Hmmm... If you insist.
(22:19:52) OMooreBanana: Your name is now Frank.
(22:19:53) Frank: You're behaving very candidly yourself. Perhaps you're frank?

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February 18, 2005

Double Major?

I could get a double major in Math BS and CSE if I took a few extra classes... Is it worth it? Here are the classes necesary.

Summer Fall Spring
Math BS Intro to Fine (HUMA1153) Modern Math (3203) SQC (4503)

Intro to Phil (2013) Advanced Calc (4103) Intro to Psyc (2013)

Numerical (4403) Extra Math
Both Intertestamental (4253)

Fed, S, L (Pols2103)

Software Eng. (4303) Prog. Trans. (4503)

Intro to Micro. (CEGR4233) Micro Design (CEGR4253)

Networks (3603)
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February 10, 2005

The Unknown

Wanting to post, not quite sure what to post on... (that will motivate you all to keep reading.)
Something is wrong when, as a college student, you have on average 2-3 hours of homework 3 nights a week and little or nothing on the other nights. I don't know if I should be blaming / thanking my classes or myself. There just isn't that much to do.
Thus I find myself seeking entertainment during my much off hours. I've been playing Max Payne 2, its good action but so incredibly linear. If a game isn't going to be open like Deus Ex, it needs to be as linear as MP2. Otherwise you wander about, wondering what the game makers want you do to next.
Fortunately for me, I know what I am going to do next. The Hive has just opened so its time to eat!

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