June 30, 2004

No Time...

I haven't had much time to post...
Sharon visited this past weekend, we had a great time.
The father of a friend offered me a 1986 VW Golf for $50. It shouldn't take more than $200 dollars to make it a good working car. I'm happy.
I almost had an accident tonight. It's good Golfs are maneuverable.
I just finished Ender's Game. If any of you bums haven't read it, you need to. I bet I'm the last though...
I need to sleep, I'm getting up early.
So goodnight, round world.

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June 25, 2004

My "Magical Companion"

Our buddy Gates brings us...

No thanks, Merlin-buddy, I don't need a "magical companion".
Oh, and I'd really rather not see a "demonstration" of your "awesome".

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June 22, 2004

A Fun Few Days

I've had a great past few days. I visited Warren Dunes last Saturday. I spent last evening with my brother Enoch, who is leaving for Alaska shortly. Today I drove to Chicago to leave off a co-worker (and boss-ish character) and his family for their flight to Ecuador. Then my Dad and I wandered Chicago. We parked far out of the city and took the train in. We rumbled and rattled under and over the streets, and I realized the "L" (elevated rail-road) reminded me a little too strongly of an old, rickety roller-coaster. Of course this danger only added to my fun. My trusty little camera was by my side and by it I bring you these brief glimpses of my wide travels.

(Click on, fair pilgrim, that you may find rest for your soul.)

This dutiful sign warns against illegally parking your camel.

I breezed past this Porsche 911 Targa on the 90 into Chicago. The driver seemed to be having more fun than I was, and he was just sitting there!

This ancient edifice caught my eye as we searched for Gino's East (to which my nose unswervingly led me.)

My search for food was not un-countered. This ferocious fellow blocked the bridge with chilling words. "None Shall Pass!"
Brave, but foolish.

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June 15, 2004

The Truck has Arrived

After much paying off of various government officials, I have in my possesion the rusty truck of much love. I have removed its top and hosed it down; now it's ready for the gas chambers... or something like that.

In the next few days it will be transformed (I hope) into a less Texan form of transportation. But until then, I shall leave "you'all" with this first look at the rusty "Truck o' Love".

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June 14, 2004

Moore things to do

I'm kinda tired. I ran five miles tonight, my feet hurt.
But then again, I am getting old. Pain is to be expected...

It looks like I'll be rewriting the Digital Radio decoder, it's just far to large for the 32K of memory the DSP has. Lots of work, but at least I have some direction. Being directionless sucks. I guess that's to be expected as I get old.

Old people like me need more sleep. I'm going to bed early. Golly, I'm so old!

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June 11, 2004

Word Quiz

I took a little quiz I found on Anna's blog, and I got 155 out of 200. I feel good, mainly because I'm half alseep...

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Final Thoughts

This came to me when I tried to write my away message for the night.

I'm sore as a sleep, but I'm sleeping real swell,
My shoulders are burned, my legs are as well,
Are hands are all calloused, my feet are all worn,
My pants are all muddy, my old shirt is torn.

But now I am home, what a week I have had,
Now drifting, now paddling, it wasn't that bad,
Drinking cold water, a fish jumped ahead!
But now I'm thankful I've got a real bed.

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Canoe Briefs

I'm tired and must go to bed, but I'm going to post a few pictures from the trip. I took 195, and most look ok! I plan to provide a fuller description when I get some time. For the sake of you with slow connections, I've loaded the other three photographs in the good ole' "extended entry".

Our canoes await us early on the second morning. We were tired and very sore.

A beautiful pair of islands, perfectly reflected in the still, clear water. There were a lot of fish jumping nearby.

This beautiful little brook was ice cold, we numbed our toes and cooled our water bottles in the shade as it babbled by.

Our distinguished jurors all agree: S'mores are very good.

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June 08, 2004


In a sudden fit of madness I have decided to go canoing for three days. Thus, I am leaving later this morning and canoing down the Elkhart River to its mouth on Lake Michigan. This should take the better part of three days, so I'm heading out early. I have lots to eat and lots of lighters, so there shouldn't be any problems. I hope you all enjoy East Texas (or where ever you may be), I'll be enjoying life on the mighty Mississippi. And I'll be fix'in to let y'all know how Huck is doing.

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June 07, 2004

Oeeww Noooo!

Typing too quickly, I was scolded by Google:

Youw seawch - Debian powerpd netinst - did not match any documents. Oh, dat scwewy wabbit!


- Make suwe aww wowds awe spewwed cowwectwy.
- Twy diffewent keywowds.
- Twy mowe genewal keywowds.
- Twy fewew keywowds.

Posted by Moore at 03:19 PM

June 06, 2004

MST3K and SC

I just finished watching "Fire Maidens of Outer Space", a fine MST3K production. While Fire Maidens is a horrible film in its own right, Joe, Crow, and Tom Servo made it quite worthwile. Strangely, I was reminded of watching... anything with the SC. An ongoing joke in this episode was that anything could be a double entendre if you said it with the right emphasis. Let's just say that they enjoyed "falling off the bandwagon" a good bit. Their riffing ended with a Freud reference.

It seems I just can't escape you guys. My little sister, however, was quite perplexed by my pained laughter.

And I thought I'd be safe in Indiana.

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Wheeling and Dealing

Apparently Wheeler has a very busy life. However, he has seen fit ti invest his precious time in this wonderful quiz. My first thoughts were "straightforward, albeit ever-so-slightly stereotypical. Thus, it is classic Wheeler Style. Could we ask for anything more? I hope not.
You're Moore!

Which Member of the Shadow Council Are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

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June 04, 2004

Good Truck, Bad Truck

I have come upon an unusual and possible good thing, a free pickup truck. It has, however, some issues. As you can see, it is quite rusted. The holes are many and big. The interior is old and the seats are holy. It has 121,000 miles. It is, however, a V6 that runs well. It has no engine damage, and structurally it seems ok. The suspension is still alright. It has a cover for the back and "luggage bars" of a sort. It could get me places reliably, albeit without any style whatsoever. Cops might pull me over to check if I'm an illegal Mexican immigrant. (Note the sexy Golf in the background. That's what I drive. It's amazing and fast. It has great gas mileage and impressive acceleration. And its not for sale. And no, I don't own it or I wouldn't be looking at old trucks.)

As I left the scene of the... truck, I couldn't help noticing another car I would much rather drive. Should I get this one instead?

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June 03, 2004

Punned. (Ouch, my IQ!)

I opened the latest issue of World Magazine hoping to be at least mildly entertained. What I didn't expect (foolishly, perhaps) was shocking display Christianity-erising on the third page. The ad read:

I Thank God for My Energy!
Royal Jelly - God's Secret to Help You Go the Distance

The article went on to describe how a strange bee jelly was God's plan for your life. Their main man was Steve Hulka, a caddy on the PGA Tour.

Steve Hulka is a believer in God... and a "bee-liever" in Royal Jelly! Since he started taking Royal Jelly in 1992 Steve has continued to perform with renewed energy...And to ensure freshness, you won't find bee-Alive Royal Jelly in any store...

I was pained to see that World will print just about any ad. I guess they go where the money is... like a bee to honey.

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June 02, 2004

Error: Compiler does not speak English

I'm befuddled over this message from my compiler:

initial value of reference to non-const must be an lvalue
"cppcomplex operator+ (const cppcomplex c_b) {return caddf(data, c_b.data);}"

Can any of you decipher this? It's only a warning, but its driving me batty!

Changing the offending line to:

cppcomplex operator+ (cppcomplex c_b)
complex_float tmp = caddf(data, c_b.data);
return cppcomplex(tmp);

Removes the error, but why?

Posted by Moore at 10:02 AM

More MST3K Goodness

If you want some pained laughter, check out this review of an old MST3K episode.

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This morning I got up early and had a wonderful run in the park. We've had heavy lightning storms every day for the past several days, and the river was quite flooded. Thus, the normal course was under a good bit of water, over two feet in some places. Consequently running was a little slower, and I had to take higher routes a couple of times. It was fun, though, and I got very wet. I haven't run through deep water in a long time...
Work happened, it was long and beating on complex vectors and matrices has its limits of fun-ness. I survived. I was quite amused by the setup for a conference tomorrow, its the Information Systems conference for all of HCJB, so there were "technical missionaries" from here in Elkhart, HQ in Colorado, and Quito, Mexico, and other outposts. They all brought laptops and were struggling to get all the systems on the local LAN. I couldn't help but think of all our LAN parties. "Your authentification stinks!" "It doesn't like Linksys?" "But that is the DNS server!" It was very amusing.
For some reason when I got home I was very tired, and I decided to take a nap. I slept for six hours.
So now I'm trying to avoid messing up my sleep schedule. I've just played a good bit of the new Thief 3: Deadly Shadows demo. It's alright, but I keep wishing it was more free-form, like Deus Ex. Ahh yes, my favorite game of all time. If any game were capable of making all console gamers pack up and go home, it would be Deus.
But I digress.
So, in my wanderings, I have found for you all a page of great interest. I present The Page of MST3K Link Goodness. I think in this we may find all the links we need for permanent happiness. Enjoy.
Here are some excerpts from the link'ed goodness. (pronounced link-ed)
Regarding a FAQ:

Big ol' honkin' disclaimer: The maintainers of this FAQ make no warranty that the information contained herein is 100 percent accurate, but, after all these years, we're confident that it's pretty darned close. As always, your mileage may vary.

Regarding an MST3K convention:

Episodes were run in three different rooms 24 hours a day; showings of episode 424- "MANOS": The Hands of Fate were standing-room-only.

Regarding the nature of "MSTies" (MST3K-ers):

But MSTies are NOT all sweetness and light. They can be cynical, hyper-critical and impatient. They do not suffer fools easily, they tend to question authority and can be downright harsh when confronted with anyone or anything they deem mediocre, stupid and/or pompous. The flip side of their loyalty as friends is that they can be formidable enemies.

Sound familiar?

I leave you to peruse the goodness on your own.

Posted by Moore at 01:20 AM