June 15, 2010

Its June Already

No time for a long post, but an update is in order.
The last few months have been packed with fixing the house, visiting family, and enjoying the beginning of summer. Major fixes so far:
- Caulking the bathtub
- Trimming trees off the roof and power lines
- Killing giant ant hills
- Fixing the basement power subsystem of outlets
- Fixing the phone switch in the basement
- Fixing the "screen" door in back (its a modular system with large glass blinds)

However its not all work. I had a great time reading by the fire with Sharon on Saturday night... firepit is win. Also, rigging a box fan to blow on the fire is as effective as it is funny-looking.

We've also discovered our cheap local Chinese take-out, but still nowhere good we can hit after 11 on Friday nights. We're enjoying being able to entertain, and being much closer to church.

We've discovered the pleasure of a basement computer room, and so far avoided A/C use. We even grew new grass in the back yard for the fat bunny-rabbits!

A short list of future plans:
June: visit Goshen
July: visit Iowa
August: visit Indy and Texas

That's about it... life goes on.

Posted by Moore at June 15, 2010 04:05 PM