June 28, 2007

How not to Waste Time

As a grad student, it is important to always have something to do. That is why they made the Internet. It lets us spend our time doing something, even when we have no idea what it is that we ought to be doing. This prevents creating thinking, innovative ideas, planning ahead, real effort, and other problems that plague undergraduates.
And, of course, I would be a poor friend indeed if I did not help you do this. To that end, here is sample of something I have been working hard on. That is to say, something that keeps me occupied when "other" things arise that might or might not be as important/interesting.
PhD Comics provide a strong, realistic look at life as a grad student, and have taught me many useful things. If I'm stuck on an algorithm, or befuddled by a directive, I know that a few days reading the Archives will help everything make more sense, or at least lower the oxygen level in my brain to the point that every idea seems like a good one.

That said, I shall not distract you further from perusing this gem of knowledge.

A gem we've all experienced with Dr. J.
2nd EDIT:
This one really spoke to me...

Posted by Moore at June 28, 2007 11:25 AM